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The 9 Most Awkward Conversations Indian Kids Have with Their Parents

No matter how chilled out or conservative our parents may be, every Indian kid has had a few cringe-worthy conversations with their mummy and papa. We recap some of the most awkward conversations Indian kids have with their parents… No matter how old you are, remembering these embarrassing discussions can still make you shudder!

1. The “Birds and the Bees” Talk

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This tops the list as the most embarrassing convo anyone has had to endure with their parents. They probably sat you down when you were 15 or 16 to have the talk with you. Weren’t you just bursting to tell them that you’ve known about sex since the 3rd grade? 😉

2. The “Are You Drunk?” Issue


Staggering home after a crazy night only to find the lights on and your parents waiting for you is every teenager’s nightmare. Questions such as “Are you drunk?” and “HOW much do you drink?” are all ones that we try to avoid answering well into adulthood because we know they won’t be happy with the answer we give them! Telling them that you don’t have more than a drink or two is the safest response, but will still elicit a lecture about why you shouldn’t drink too much!

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3. “I Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend”


Once you reach a certain age, you know your parents won’t hit the roof when they find out you’re in a relationship, but that doesn’t make telling them any less awkward! From how you both met to how long you’ve been dating to the dynamics of your bf/gf’s family and what they look like to how far you’ve gone physically – Indian parents tend to want to know EVERYTHING.

4. Asking Them for Money Once You’ve Started Earning


There is nothing more embarrassing than asking your parents for help even when you’re old enough to support yourself. We already feel bad enough about it without their intimidating stares and lectures about our finances and savings as well as reminders to be more responsible with our credit cards. And it always leads to that age-old question every kid dreads, no matter how old they are: “What are you doing with your life?”  Arghhh! No matter what your answer, it never seems good enough, right?!

5. The “Don’t Smoke/Do Drugs” Talk


However hard you try to hide it, coming home smelling like an ashtray (even if it’s your friends who smoke and not you) is enough to start off a lecture about the ills of smoking, with your mother begging you to swear on her and say whether you smoke or not. The same goes for drugs and bad company – they may not know what a joint even looks like, but that doesn’t stop them from reminding you time and again to stay away from it!

6. Quitting Your Studies/Job


We’ve all been through the confused-about-our-career phase where we’ve realized we hate what we’re studying or are in the wrong job/field. Your parents may support you once you’ve convinced them how much happier you would be doing something else, but that doesn’t mean they’re quite happy about you quitting something. Again, situations like these build up to the “What are you doing with your life, beta?” conversation!

7. Marrying Someone from a Different Community


Even before 2 States, we’ve known about the perils of falling in love outside your community. Telling your conservative, strictly vegetarian Gujarati parents that you want to marry a Punjabi is enough to break their hearts and unleash pure hell in your household. But don’t worry! Once they see how happy you both make each other, they’ll put aside their differences. 🙂

8. Moving to Another City/Country


Informing your parents that you want to leave the nest, especially when it’s not for marriage but to live by yourself in a new place, can be one of the most horrible conversations to have – especially if you’re an only child. From “Why?!” to “How will you take care of yourself?”, it takes days of convincing to finally make them let you fly free!

9. Your Wedding Night


Whether you’ve had sex a hundred times before or are the virginal bride that your folks believe you are, nobody can escape that talk about your wedding night. Whether it’s advice about sex or some gyaan about how important it is to consummate your marriage, the only thing that goes through your mind is the that the ground opens up and swallows you. 😛

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06 May 2016

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