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2-Minute Facial: The Double Cleansing Routine That Is Perfect For Summer!

2-Minute Facial: The Double Cleansing Routine That Is Perfect For Summer!

If you spend most of your time in summer riddled with skincare issues like dull skin, acne, wrinkles and clogged pores, the problem might be the way you cleanse. Or rather, the lack of proper cleansing. Incorporating a double cleanse in your nightly skincare routine could be the best thing you can do for your skin. With an addition of a mere 2 minutes to your PM cleanse, you could successfully remove makeup, unclog pores, prevent acne, reduce wrinkles and promote healthier skin. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Before we dive deeper into the how let’s educate ourselves on the why.


Double cleansing is a trend that gained popularity among the beauty community over the past few years. Inspired by Korean skincare regimes that are as elaborate as 10 steps, double cleansing is perhaps easier and more doable. Double cleansing involves the use of two cleansers, one that’s oil based to breakdown all the makeup, sunblock and dirt and a second one that’s water-based.

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Step 1

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Depending on how much skincare or makeup you have on, you could use cleansing wipes, a cleansing balm or some good ol’ micellar water. If you wear a lot of makeup or a waterproof sunscreen every day, this step is crucial to your routine. A good cleanser will break down all of that makeup, sunscreen, sebum and dirt trapped in your pores.

A micellar oil-infused cleanser is great if you’re trying to get rid of light, everyday makeup. And if you wear foundation or concealer on a daily basis, a cleansing oil will help break down all of it easily. 

Step 2

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Once you’re done with step 1, it’s time to for the second cleanse. Most of us tend to use our hands while using a face wash. But that’s not good enough, especially if you live a life hustling through a polluted city. A cleansing device offers your skin a deeper cleanse. It’s a great way to exfoliate, brighten and deep clean your pores off all the makeup, sweat, dirt and pollution you have been exposed to all day. This effectively means less money spent on facials and dermatologists in the long run. 

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Use a dollop of any water-based cleanser. It’s crucial that you find one designed for your skin type. Using your cleansing device, gently work the cleanser into your skin. Spend 10-15 seconds massaging each area of your face. Ideally, you should spend 60 seconds cleansing. The Foreo Luna Play Plus (Rs 6,000) is a pulsating cleansing device that uses T-sonic pulsations to deep cleanse your skin. It’s made using medical grade silicone so you needn’t worry about it getting mouldy and dirty over time. The pulsating effects of the device allow your cleanser to penetrate deeper, promote blood circulation, slow down aging, remove dead skin cells and improve absorption of the rest of your skincare products. In short, say hello to happier and healthier skin. 

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22 May 2019

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