5 Lip Oils That Can Seriously Replace Every Lip Balm In Your Stash

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Nov 30, 2021
5 Lip Oils That Can Seriously Replace Every Lip Balm In Your Stash


Dry and chapped lips are something that can’t be tolerated. And if this lip concern keeps recurring on a regular basis, it gets quite troublesome. While lip balms are permanent residents in your beauty kit, they don’t always offer that extra liquid moisturising quality that can tackle chapped lips head-on. Lip scrubs can remove chapped skin, but they may not always be an on-the-go solution to eliminate and heal chapped skin. That’s why we are crushing on lip oils to do the trick this season. From intensely moisturising lips to offering a juicy effect, these are the best lip oils available in India that you should stock up on.

The Best Lip Oils Available In India


Flavoured Lips

A blend of three nourishing oils extracted from mirabelle plum, Jojoba and hazelnut, the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil treats dull and dry lips to a dose of moisture and its innovative gel texture hugs lips making them appear glossy and plump. Infused with raspberry to deliver antioxidants tot he skin, this lip oil heals damaged skin with its soothing properties, offers a shimmery tint, and comes in delicious sweet flavours.

Loving Care

The Kiehl’s Love Oil For Lips is an ultra-nourishing product that heals chapped lips and soothes the skin to offer relief from dryness. Infused with acerola cherry and coconut oil, this lightweight cherry lip oil instantly revives the appearance of lips with a soft tint and adds a gloss effect.

Precious Healing

Shankara Soothing Lip Oil comes in a cute packaging and offers soothing action to your distressed lips. It comes with an amethyst stone roller for application which helps increase blood circulation and oxygenates lips while avocado oil deeply nourishes and plumps your pout. This product is also perfect to wear under your favourite lipsticks as it is lightweight and doesn’t leave much residue on the lips due to its quick absorbing formula.


The Dior Lip Glow Oil is the perfect product to make bare lips look juicy and feel luxuriously moisturised. Infused with cherry oil, this non-sticky lip oil plumps up lips and delivers a tinted glass effect while the color reviver technology reacts directly to the moisture level in each woman’s lips for a custom colour payoff. 

Gold Goodness

Infused with 24K gold flakes, this nourishing antioxidant-rich lip oil by Indulgeo Essentials is a natural lip-plumping and moisturising solution for dull, dry, and chapped lips. It contains a nourishing blend of cold-pressed oils like jojoba oil, argan oil, and evening primrose oil along with Jamaican coffee bean and French vanilla extracts to hydrate and protect your lips from UV damage and prevent infections and cold sores.

If you like the effects of lip oils, then you might want to consider these oil-infused lip products to up your beauty game. We recommend:

Treat your pout to the power of lip oils this winter.

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