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Hothon Pe Aisi Baat: The Best Lip Oils To Give You Pillowy-Soft Lips!

Hothon Pe Aisi Baat: The Best Lip Oils To Give You Pillowy-Soft Lips!

Tired of chapped lips? Have you been constantly applying your lip balm throughout the day with no signs of the product serving its purpose? Well, we’ve got your back. We’ve found you the perfect hybrid between a lip balm and a lip gloss, a lip oil! Lip oils will prove to be your new favourite addiction for that perfect pout! We’ve found you everything you need to know about lip oils!


Types Of Lip Oils
8 Best Lip Oils
DIY Lip Oils
Lip Oil VS Lip Balm/Lip Gloss
Why Do You Need A Lip Oil
Benefits Of Lip Oil

Types Of Lip Oils

best-lip-oils-lip oil-types

There are two main types of lip oils in the way they are extracted and used – natural and fabricated.

Natural lip oils 

As the name suggests, these are naturally extracted oils that come from plants and fruits like almond oil, peach, coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, rose and the list goes on. These can be applied directly as most of the ingredients here are skin friendly.

Fabricated lip oils 

These are other commercialized versions of the lip oils wherein the basic naturally extracted oils are mixed with Vitamin E and other essential ingredients by the manufacturers to bring on a tinted shade with a shiny finish.

8 Best Lip Oils

Irrespective of the types of lip oils, if you are so obsessed with the concept of gaining gorgeous smooth lips with no sticky feel on it ( yes, this includes hair falling on lips moment as well!) then here you go! Though not many options are available in India, we’ve got some of the best lip oils in the market which is a must have in your beauty box this summer.

1. NYX Professional Makeup Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oil

best-lip oil-nyx

If you are looking for a lip oil with a hue of shades to match with your outfits then this one has it all. This lip oil from a U.S based brand that every makeup professional is obsessed with. This glides on smoothly, leaves a light tint on your lips while moisturizing them thoroughly. Ask us and we’d say this has every reason to be in your makeup pouch!

Pros: It is affordable, available in different shades

Cons: Tends to smudge, isn’t long lasting as it claims to be 

Price: Rs 700. Buy it here

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2. Nicka K Pure Lip Oil 


This one is the best if you are looking for a two in one lip oil. This product coming from the experts Nicka K, New York can be used as a lip primer before you apply your lipstick. You can even use it as a hydrating lip balm. The oil absorbs into your lips instantly and nourishes them to help relieve you from dry, chapped. With an array of flavours like cocoa, peppermint, vanilla, grape, raspberry, fruit punch this one is sure to level up your lip game!

Pros: Great value for money, comes in various flavours.

Cons: Provides a subtle tint. 

Price: Rs 274. Buy it here

3. Yes To Coconut Cooling Lip Oil 


This small tube filled with nourishing ingredients for your lips is a must-have if you don’t like those waxy lip balms. Use this every night before going to bed or apply it while prepping to your lips before you apply lipstick.

Pros: Hydrates lips in a jiffy, this is not greasy.

Cons: Not easily available.

Price: Rs 684. Buy it here

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4. Chandrika Aroma Liquid Lip Care 


This product from Chandrika will not only work on those chapped lips in a jiffy but will also help you in getting rid of any pigmentation on your lips. Isn’t that amazing?! This works more like a lip treatment oil removing dead skin cells on your lips. The exfoliating action is what makes your lips look visibly lighter and plumper. This oil contains all natural ingredients like honey, lemon, orange, mint, vanilla extracts making it the best to work on your lips.

Pros: Very affordable and great for daily use 

Cons: Does not work as a tinted lip balm. 

Price: Rs 275. Buy it here

5. Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil 


Clarins is one such brand that provides top-notch cosmetic products and their lip oil will never let you down! Though their price seems to be higher, this little bottle is undoubtedly going to be worth every penny. Day after day will leave your lips feeling silky soft and plush. The lip oil is available in a variety of flavours and leaves a light tint on your lips. Some of the flavours available are raspberry, honey, candy, and redberry.

Pros: Instantly soothes dry lips

Cons: Expensive

Price: Rs.1900.Buy it here

6. 3INA Lip Oil Balm  


This European cosmetic brand is all you need for a moisturized lips all day long. These are vegan based and rich in argan, olive, avocado and jojoba oil making your lips feel voluminous and hydrated. This little tube comes in three different flavours and is quite affordable. 

Pros: Has three different shades to choose from, the formula is paraben-free and easy to apply

Cons: Contains fragrance which might not suit sensitive skin types 

Price: Rs 700. Buy it here

7. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Oil  


If you are looking for a tinted and moisturizing lip oil with complete sheer coverage then this one from Burt’s Bees has it all. With an amalgamation of coconut and seed oils, this lip oil comes in six different shades for you to flaunt. 

Pros: Easy to apply, great packaging and has a variety of tints to choose from.  

Cons: Not easily available and a little expensive

Price: Rs 1,526. Buy it here

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8. Indulgeo Essentials – Pout It


This lip oil was curated by a homegrown Indian brand called Indulgeo Essentials. It’s got a brush tip applicator that will completely change the way you apply lip balm! It contains all the essential ingredients to protect your lips from dryness and also has a sun protection formula to shield them lips against the harmful UV rays. That’s not all, there are 24 karat gold flakes, cinnamon oil, Jamaican coffee beans,  primrose oil, and vanilla oil too in the formula to pamper your lips. 

Pros: Great value for money, clever packaging. 

Cons: Not easily available offline 

Price: Rs 590. Buy it here

DIY Lip Oils

Not interested in the commercialized lip oil products? Try making your own lip oil with this easy DIY lip oil recipe! 

Ingredients required: Jojoba oil, Castor Oil, Lavender oil, Coconut oil, roll-on container (10 ml), any unused lipstick

1) Transparent Lip Oil – Mix 5 drops of jojoba oil and castor oil in the container. Add 2-3 drops of lavender oil to this mixture for fragrance. You can also add 2-3 drops of coconut oil which will act as an effective SPF. Shake the bottle well and your lip oil is ready to be used!


2) Tinted Lip Oil – For a tinted version, scrape a small portion out of any old lipstick. In a spoon or a small container heat, this small chunk of lipstick on a low flame till it melts. Repeat the ingredients we used to make the transparent lip oil to this mixture and voila! Your tinted lip oil is ready!

How Does It Differ From A Lip Gloss And A Lip Balm?

The difference between the three lies in its texture! While lip balms are those solid, waxy and thick in texture, a lip gloss is rather liquidy and often sticky. Lip balms are required to be applied constantly and will leave a thick film on your lips. A lip oil, on the other hand, is non-sticky, not waxy, lightweight and also does the job of sealing the moisture in for long hours. It can also be used as a lip primer besides being a lip moisturizer.

Why Do You Need A Lip Oil?

  1. For intense moisturization and smoother lips.
  2. The formula penetrates through your lips better than a lip balm can.
  3. Good value for money as one small bottle lasts you a very long time.
  4. It can be used in place of tinted lip balm or lipstick.
  5. A very small quantity is enough to hydrate your lips.
  6. It can be used as lip gloss.

How To Achieve Perfect Beautiful Lips Using A Lip Oil?

best-lip-oils-lip oil - how to get a perfect lip

Use a nude color lip liner to line your lips and fill them in completely, top this off with a lip oil and you’re all set to rock your glossy lips. Matte lipstick drying out your lips? Mix a little bit of lip oil in with any liquid lipstick and apply for smooth, hydrated lips. 

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Frequently Asked Questions –

1) Which natural lip oil is best for lips?

Oils like Lavender, raspberry, jasmine, almond, chamomile, olive, coconut are all rich in the required nutrients that help nourish your lips.

2) Can I use baby oil on my lips?

Yes! Baby oil is very useful to hydrate, lighten and smoothen chapped lips.

3) What is the best way to lighten dark lips?

Make a lip scrub using baking soda and water. Gently massage your lips by applying this paste for 3 minutes. After washing it off, apply a few drops of olive oil as lip balm.

4) Which lip oils will help me in protecting against UV rays?

Out of all the essential oils, carrot seed oil and raspberry seed oil are two oils rich in vitamins with SPF up to 40 and 50 respectively which will help in protecting against UVB rays.

Image source – Shutterstock, Instagram

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