Oil Love You: Bid Adieu To Your Dry And Flaky Pout With These Nourishing Lip Oils

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Sep 22, 2020
Oil Love You: Bid Adieu To Your Dry And Flaky Pout With These Nourishing Lip Oils


October is almost here and that means it’s the season of change (no, we don’t mean it metaphorically). It’s that in-between time when you don’t really understand if it’s nippy or sunny or rainy. Adding to all that confusion are your beauty woes that seem to get exaggerated during this time of the year–hair fall, allergies, dry skin, and even flaky lips. Seriously, weather, what is this behaviour?

Thankfully, we have a solution for dry lips and it’s a product you never knew you needed. We’re talking about lip oils! Just how you apply hair oil to your tresses to make them stronger and healthier, you need to apply oil to hydrate and moisturise your pretty lips! 

So, read on to learn everything about lip oils and trust us, you’ll definitely want to add one to your cart before reaching the end.

Show Your Lips Some Extra Love By Adding Lip Oils To Your Skincare Regime

Did you know that lips are the most sensitive part of your body? They have over a million nerve endings and no sweat glands so taking care of them is absolutely essential.

All The Reasons Why You Need To Try Lip Oils

Once you use a lip oil, you’ll realise what you’d been missing out on! Unlike your regular hair oil, lip oils do specifically target your lip care needs giving you a crack-free pout.

– Lip oils are usually made with a concoction of different oils that only have great intentions for your lips. They help nourish and hydrate your lips from within.

– They soothe irritated and chapped lips while making them appear plump and juicy. They also protect your lips from the sun’s wrath because you know, sunburnt lips are painful as hell!

–  Apart from keeping them moisturised, they also help retain their natural pink colour. Just apply it before going to bed and wake up with nourished, rosy lips.

– You can also use your lip oil as a high-shine gloss! Apply it on your bare lips or over your lip colour to bewitch everyone with the glossiest smile, ever!

How Is A Lip Oil Different From A Lip Balm?

Apart from the obvious difference in texture (one is a balm and the other one is an oil), here are some other noteworthy differences between a lip balm and an oil:

– While we love to reach out for our lip balms to soothe chapped lips or soften the dry skin, a lip balm can only do a temporary job. Lip oils, on, the other hand, will penetrate deeper into the lips and hydrate them from within.

– Our lips do not have oil glands therefore when they become dehydrated, lip oils take on the job of nourishment much better than lip balms.

– Lip balms usually have wax or some sort of butter as a base which is beneficial to our lips but only for the time being (which is why we have to keep reapplying it throughout the day). With lip oils, just one application will take you through many hours of the day.

– Some lip balms may not even work that well for you and might end up leaving you with a strange waxy texture on your lips but a lip oil is smooth and feels really light on the lips.

Lip Oils You Need In Your Life

Because it’s a good day to add these to your cart!

Are you ready to say oil love you to your lips?

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