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Are You Styling Your Hair Right For YOUR Face? Let’s Find Out!

Are You Styling Your Hair Right For YOUR Face? Let’s Find Out!

Considering your hair type and how long or short you want your hair to be aren’t the only things to think about when you’re getting your mane snipped. Taking your face shape into consideration is a crucial aspect so that your hairstyle flatters you from every angle. You don’t want a wide forehead to appear wider or a round face to look even rounder, right? With the proper cut you can make a strong jaw look softer or a square-shaped face look less wide. Read on to see what hairstyle suits your face shape best. The key is to highlight your best features, after all!

Face Shape: Round

The length of your face is almost the same as the width with rounded corners at your forehead and chin.

Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Hairstyles That Work: Layers at the crown to add height, long hair or a mix of lengths with an uneven cut look great if you want to try something different. Wispy layers, a deep side part with long side-swept bangs and tapered edges all help flatter you best. Make sure your hair is below chin level to avoid making your face look even rounder.

What To Avoid: Super short dos – a straight box fringe and blunt cuts will do nothing for you. A short bob isn’t for you either, but lucky for you the LOB is totally in and works for your face shape. If you do want to experiment with going super shot then a pixie cut with loads of choppy, spiky layers is the way to go for your face type. Also, avoid pulling your hair back into a tight, sleek ponytail. Instead, let a few strands loose in the front to frame your face.

Face Shape: Heart

Your face is wide at the forehead and cheekbones with a much narrower chin.

Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Hairstyles That Work: Face-framing layers and soft waves around the face look really pretty with a heart shaped face. You can carry heavy bangs, choppy layers and shoulder length styles off best. Long layered waves and a deep side part are amazing if you want to grow your hair out. If not, then a bouncy bob that falls just below your jawline works well to conceal the triangle-esque shape (wide at the top and pointed at the bottom) of your face. Also, you can rock pixie cuts with side bangs like no one else so don’t be afraid to be a bit daring.

What To Avoid: Centre partings that draw attention to a wide forehead. Also, long hair without face-framing layers will emphasize a thin chin.

Face Shape: Square

Characterised by a strong and broad forehead and jaw. Your forehead and jaw are the same width.

Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Hairstyles That Work: Blunt cuts that are shoulder level or longer flatter you well. Side-swept bangs help soften your strong features. A shoulder length do with feathery layers help make a strong chin more discreet. If you would like to go short then a layered bob that tapers to chin level will help direct attention to your cheekbones. You can even try pushing all your hair back for a look with no parting.

What To Avoid: Really short hairstyles will make your features appear harsh and emphasize your square-shaped face.

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Face Shape: Oval

Your forehead and jaw are of similar width. Your face is more long than it is wide.

Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Hairstyles That Work: You’re blessed with a face shape that can pull of just about any style from angular bobs to super long locks with loads of layers or not too many at all. You also have a face that was made for experimentation. So if you’re looking for an edgy crop, you don’t need to think twice, it will suit you! Blunt bangs are a good idea if you don’t want your face to look too long. A centre part also suits your face shape the best.

What To Avoid: Nothing! The world is your oyster you lucky thing.

Face Shape: Diamond

Just like a diamond, your forehead and chin are narrow and your cheekbones are high and wide.

Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Hairstyles That Work For You: There are a lot of hairstyles that suit a diamond face from a blunt chin-length style to long hair with wispy bangs. Shoulder length hair also looks great on this face shape when coupled with face framing layers. A fringe is always a good idea to soften your features as well as girly braids.

What To Avoid: A lot of volume thanks to too many layers and very short cuts as they add to the fullness of your cheeks.

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Images: Viral Bhayani

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05 May 2016

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