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Shhhh…. Koi Hai: Do You Dare To Visit The 10 Most Haunted Places In Chennai?

Shhhh…. Koi Hai: Do You Dare To Visit The 10 Most Haunted Places In Chennai?

Chennai may be the city of culture, tradition and beautiful beaches, but there is so much more to it. And no, I’m not talking about the yummy food that comes with the city. Sure, you must stop by for a delicious masala dosa and podi idlis when you step into the city, but if you’re up for an adventure, then Chennai has something more for you. After scouting through the streets of the city, I’ve found the 10 most haunted places in Chennai and the intriguing stories behind them.

The Most Haunted Places In Chennai

Are you ready to get spooked out?

Broken Bridge, Besant Nagar

Native Planet


This spooky place is situated in Adyar and actually gained popularity because it’s been used as a backdrop for various movies. You might have spotted this in the background in 2 States. Originally, a means to connect the fishermen to the sea, this since-deserted bridge has become famous for its ghost sightings. Rumours suggest that various women who have died by the sea regularly haunt the bridge after dark. The reason behind these rumours? The bridge is famous for its suicide rates and many unidentified bodies have been recovered from the shore close to it.

De Monte Colony, Abiramapuram

One of the most haunted houses in Chennai, the colony has no lights and is said to be haunted by Mr De Monte himself, who had established this colony. He died in his house in the area after losing his wife to mental illness and his son under mysterious circumstances. According to the local legend, his ghost is often seen opening the locks of his door and gates to get to his house. Apparently, even the street dogs in the area have been said to mysteriously disappear. How spooky!

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KarikattuKuppam Road, Muttukadu


Vijayan’s Space

Post the national tragedy that took place in 2001, shaking the entire state from its very core, the effects of Tsunami included the loss of thousands of lives. The souls of those who lost their lives in this natural disaster can allegedly be seen haunting this road alongside the beach. Apparently, the ghosts of a child and an old man are regularly spotted at this haunted place in Chennai.

Blue Cross Road, Besant Nagar

Infamously known as the suicide street in Chennai, this road has one of the highest suicides rates in the city. Maybe that is the reason it is considered to be haunted by the locals because rumours suggest that the ghosts of those who have committed suicide in the area haunt it. With a dense canopy of trees taking over the street, it gets quite eerie after dark and it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most haunted places in Chennai.

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Theosophical Society, Adyar


Theosophical Society is a forest reserve in Adyar and is home to a large banyan tree that is said to be haunted. After dark, the place has been reported to be spooked and many have spotted ghosts around the banyan tree. The forest reserve is quite full of people during the day, a popular tourist site at that, but after 7 pm, people have reported hearing loud screams in the area, followed by names being called out from near the tree. How spooky!

Seward Road, Valmiki Nagar

A house on Seward Road is said to be haunted for years now, broken down and worn out by time and age. The house has weeds growing around it and is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl who once lived in it. Many people have reported that their mobile loses signal when they cross the house and a rumour suggests that when two people went to investigate the house, they were possessed by the ghost of this little girl. I have goosebumps!


East Coast Road

Sulekha Property

One of the most popular highways in the city, the East Coast Road, is also famous for ghost sightings. Once it is dark, it is said that the ghost of a young girl who lost her life in a road accident in the area, haunts the streets. Many cars passing by the road have reported seeing the little girl beside it.

Madras Christan College

This esteemed college in the city is also said to be one of the most haunted places in Chennai. Amongst the greenery of this college lies a story of a heartbroken boy who committed suicide in the college premises near Herber Hall. Rumours suggest that this young boy still haunts the corridors of the college and students often hear utensils falling around and windows are often found broken in the building.


Anna Flyover

Travel Triangle

A half-built, broken down building facing the Anna Flyover in Chennai has sadly become one of the spots in the city with the highest suicide rates. This has resulted in people assuming that the site is haunted. Many people have reported feeling chills as they cross the area, even on a bright sunny day and during the night, eerie sounds and wisps of cold air have been felt by locals.

Besant Avenue Road

A street in the lap of nature that appears calm and is actually located in one of the best areas in the city, this road is said to be overflowing with paranormal activities that will leave you spooked out. Not just at night, many motorists crossing the road have reported eerie sensations during the day as well. Many accidents due to distractions and torture, or being overthrown by ghosts have been reported by people driving across this road.


Now that’s we’ve listed the spookiest places in Chennai, are you brave enough to step out and explore them by yourself?

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