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12 Completely Random Texts You Would Only Ever Send Your Bestie

12 Completely Random Texts You Would Only Ever Send Your Bestie

We all tend to have the most random of conversations with our besties. Haven’t we all often wondered “what would anyone else in the world think if they read our conversation?!” Yes, that’s right, they would think we’re crazy. Because they just wouldn’t get the things we say! And we don’t blame them – the conversations we have with our besties are pretty vague, random and very weird! Here are some super weird texts we would only ever send our besties!

1. Let’s talk crap!

texts with bestie

And about crap. NBD

2. No hiding our dirty habits!

texts with bestie

Who else would ever understand that NOT taking a shower everyday does not make you dirty!

3. What about being crazy paranoid?!

texts with bestie

Your bestie gets it. It’s alright!

4. Let’s escape, shall we?

texts with bestie

BFF to the rescue! She will never let you down.

5. Honesty is our policy!

texts with bestie

You must be as blunt as you can be. It’s only out of love!!

6. Bonding over our creepy side…

texts with bestie

Because you’re both creeps. And you both stalk people (occasionally)!

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7. I’ve got your back!

texts with bestie

Don’t need to know what he did. If he hurt her, he’s basically dead.

8. Be as gross as you like, please.

texts with bestie

Nothing can ever be too gross with your bestie.

9. My Style Guru (Not!!!!)

texts with bestie

She tries.

10. Help is always round the corner

texts with bestie

Because no boy problems should ever have to be dealt with alone.

11. From A to Z in 0.5 seconds

texts with bestie

Food to love to hate to clothes to hair and back in the same conversation. No problem.

12. Your property is my property!

texts with bestie

And no one else dare step into my territory!

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05 May 2016

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