#MakeOurDay: 10 Random Texts We WISH Our Man Would Send Us!

Anasuya RayAnasuya Ray  |  May 6, 2016


However much we love our boyfriends or husbands, we’d be the first to admit that they aren’t necessarily experts when it comes to keeping the lines of communication open. Especially when it comes to the itsy-bitsy everyday things that would make us way happier than we are right now – even if we are happy already! Such as texting more frequently. Not just replies to our messages but also a random, unprompted, super-cute text in the middle of the day. Something totally unexpected that makes us melt a little. Here’s our wishlist – what’s yours?

1. “So bored at this meeting. Thinking about you.”

texts from your partner 1

Awww, I’m thinking about you too!

2. “When are you getting home this evening? Thought I’d make you cheesecake.”

texts from your partner 2

A dessert fork – the hardest weapon to resist.

3. “Forgot to tell you before you were leaving – that top looks amazing on you.”

texts from your partner 3

Have I told you lately how much I love you?!

4. “Hey, I know I said I’d pick you up from the mall at 9 – want me to come sooner and grab a burger before we leave?”

texts from your partner 4

A man who understands that at the end of a shopping haul what we need most is sustenance is a man we are willing to hold on to forever.

5. “Just watched the Bombay Velvet trailer. Anushka Sharma’s looking as good as you! ;-)”

texts from your partner 5

I know you don’t mean that literally, but it makes me love you more anyway!

6. “This trip is awesome, I’m having so much fun with the guys. Only hitch: you aren’t here.”

texts from your partner 6

You have NO idea what an awesome welcome you’re going to come back to… 😉

7. “I know you’re tied up with your mum’s visit – any chance I could take you both out for dinner?”

texts from your partner 7

Okay, you’re adorable.

8. “Hey, should I book tickets for Tanu Weds Manu Returns?”

texts from your partner 8

I SWEAR I’ll come for every damn thriller you want to watch this year!!

9. “Babe, dinner’s ready, come home now. I’ll drop you to work early tomorrow, promise!”

texts from your partner 9

Damn. That makes me wish I could take the day off tomorrow! (And stay in bed with you. :-P)

10. “Hey, I know you’re having a crap day, but it’ll get better. Here’s something to cheer you up…”

texts from your partner 10

You’re the best person in the WORLD. <3 <3 <3

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