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OMFG! Karan Kundrra Just Accepted That He Is Crushing On Tejasswi & We Have Got Video Proof For You All

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Oct 25, 2021


The viewers are loving Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash’s beautiful bond in the Bigg Boss 15 and have been shipping them all this while. For a couple of weeks now #Tejran has been trending over Twitter and the hashtag is only going to get stronger after we share what just happened in the house. Well, let’s just begin by saying that this is not a ‘have they fallen for each other, have they not’ situation anymore. Yes, you read that right! One of them just clearly confessed that they have a crush on the other one and we really can’t keep calm anymore.

After keeping us all wondering about his feelings for Tejasswi, Karan finally accepted that he is crushing on her in a late-night conversation with Akasa Singh recently. During the discussion, Akasa asked him if there was something going on between the two, Karan accepted that he has a huge crush on Teja. “Pata hi hai tereko..hai wo comedy life mein thodi si…achchi hai bandi..extremely cute hai. (You know everything. She is funny and really nice. I think she is extremely cute,” he was heard telling the singer. However, he also said that Teja has no feelings for him whatsoever but Akasa refused to believe that and insisted that the actress likes him too.

Here, watch their conversation:

Later on, Akasa was seen teasing the hell out of a visibly blushing Karan in a very adorable chat. After a while, he even got embarrassed by the entire conversation and said, “Ab kya karun main fas gaya hun main kahan jaun. Kitna fuddu hoon! (What do I do now? I am trapped. Where should I go? How stupid am I).”

Here’s the video:

Now, all we gotta say is–No KK, you aren’t fuddu at all and we are actually finding your vulnerable side adorable AF! We really did not think that Karan would be the first one to say it out loud. He has been keeping it low and cool all this while, that we thought Tejasswi would be the first one to break and express her feelings. Oh and irrespective of whatever ‘Kundrri’ might be thinking, we are pretty sure that Teja has a soft corner for him as well. Rest assured, this new turn of events is sure to make the show all the more exciting and we cannot wait for this love story to blossom in the Bigg Boss house. #TejRan for the win!

Featured Image: Instagram