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From Tejasswi To Miesha, Why Are Women Of BB 15 Constantly Being Schooled On How To ‘Behave’ In Love?

One thing that the contestants get a lot in the Bigg Boss house is muft ka gyaan. Some common themes include ‘unimpressive game play,’ ‘violence,’ ‘rule break’ and ‘voicing opinions.’ During every Weekend Ka Vaar, both Salman Khan and the guests give them detailed sermons on one of these topics. However, if you happen to be a women who has fallen in love in the Bigg Boss house, feel free to add one more theme at the top of this list–‘how to conduct yourself when in love.’ This has happened consistently over 15 seasons of Bigg Boss but we do not need to go that far to prove our point. This season alone would suffice.

Ironically while men in these relationships have been told how the romance is impacting their game, women are advised on how it might take a toll on their image. Till now, we have seen the beginning of two romances in the Bigg Boss 15 house and in both the cases, it is the women who have faced the brunt of it all. Read on to find out about how women of Bigg Boss 15 are constantly being schooled on “conducting” themselves on national TV while their partners are left free to do as they please:

Rakhi’s Unsolicited Advice For Tejasswi


Last night, Rakhi Sawant and her alleged husband, Ritesh launched a calculated attack on Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra while calling their relationship “fake.” Ritesh even went to the extent of saying that the two have been kissing each other on national television just for the heck of game. Sadly, it did not stop just there and what happened next left us fuming in anger.

After the task, Rakhi was seen getting in a conversation with Tejasswi and lecturing her on lines and boundaries that should not be crossed. She started off by commenting on all the “chipka chipki” that #Tejran have apparently been indulging in and how it is looking bad on TV. However, Tejasswi was quick to cut her off and comment on how there is more to their relationship than just all the “chipka chipki” that Rakhi accused them of. Of course, Rakhi did not take it lying down and quickly retorted by saying, “Humko toh chipkana hi dikh rhaha hai. Sirf chipankana aur maine socha bhi tha ki main andar jakar isko bolungi Teju bhut sari laxman rekha humko paar nahi karni chahiya. (All we can see is the intimacy. Just that. And I had decided to warn you about it even before entering the house. There are some lines that we should not cross.)”

She further added, “Also, ye kya pasand karte hein par pyaar nahi hai? Pasand main karti hun, bistar mein soti hun, main karan ke upar baith ti hun lekin pyaar nahi karti. (what are all these talks about “liking” each other and not loving. I like him, I will sleep in this bed, I will sit on him but I do not love him.?)”

Well, bold of Rakhi to call Tejjaswi out for how she behaves with her own boyfriend when she was the one who literally harrased the hell out of Abhinav Shukla by tearing his under garments, pulling his shorts’ strings, and constantly hitting on him during BB 14. But more importantly, why is Teja getting schooled for just hugging and hanging out with Karan, a person that she shares mutual romantic feelings for? Also, why is she expected to give an explanation to Rakhi, makers, or literally any body at all? She is an intelligent and well reasoning adult who can very take her own calls and decisions, right?

Salman Khan’s Sexist Gyan For Miesha Iyer


Earlier this season, Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgal had to face something similar for their no holds barred PDA on national television. The host, Salman Khan seemed to have taken offence with their proximity and asked the couple if they were aware of how their romance was looking on TV. He then went on and on about the consequences of their TV romance and said, “Chale to lifelong chalne do, but agar ye kal jake kahi chala 10-15 saal baad ya kahi social media pe, toh kaisa lagega. (If it works, let it be lifelong, but how will it look if it is played somewhere after 10-15 years or on social media)?”

He further added, “What if you guys don’t get married and alag alag ghar me shadi hogyi toh iska kya asar padega socha hai kabhi (what if you guys get married to different people, have you ever thought the effect it will have).” During the long ass speech on code and conduct, Miesha was also asked to be “extra careful” of her image and how the romance might reflect on her.

Well, all this for some hugs and kisses when people are hitting each other left, right, and centre in the show without facing any consequences! Gotta say that we are still living in the stone age when it comes to our attitude towards romance, intimacy, and women. Also an advice for the Bigg Boss guests and makers–focus on penalising the contestants who are getting violent in the house instead of the ones who are falling in love. Might help you with some credibility!

Featured Image: Twitter

29 Nov 2021

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