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Are Ieshaan Sehgaal & Miesha Iyer Ready To Make Things Official? Here’s What We Know

Are Ieshaan Sehgaal & Miesha Iyer Ready To Make Things Official? Here’s What We Know

Each season, Bigg Boss gives us adorable jodis to root for and this time, it’s Ieshaan Sehgaal and Miesha Iyer. The two have been in the spotlight for quite some time for their sizzling chemistry, PDA moments, and pyaar bhari nok-jhok! TBH, their fast blossoming romance was one of the main reasons we were hooked to the show. They fell for each other in no time and Ieshaan claimed to marry her within 10 days of knowing her! When you know, you just know, right? 

Unfortunately, their journey in BB came to an end last weekend and we’ve been heartbroken ever since. If you’ve been disappointed with their eviction too, then we got something interesting to share with you fam! Ieshaan and Miesha have been spending quality time together post their eviction and are ready to take their relationship to the next level! 

While talking to a leading daily recently, Ieshaan revealed that his family has spoken to his girlfriend on the phone. He said, “Yesterday, I had a word with my sister and she said ‘I want to speak with Mimi (Miesha) and they had a chat. I also talked to mom and she told me they really like Miesha. It is nothing like they do not like her or won’t accept her.” He further added that he is planning to make his family meet Miesha in the next few days and that things are going fantastic for the couple. We’re so glad to hear this! 


That’s not all fam, a few days ago, Miesha has also opened up about their relationship post BB and stated that the two are inseparable. She said, “We are dating. And since he has been evicted, we have been inseparable. It has been a month of us dating but we are pretty much together.” Miesha further explained that before she entered the show, she was sure that she did not want to get in a relationship, but things changed for her when she met Ieshaan. She added, “It was totally unexpected. It was such an intense and strong connection that it was undeniable.” 

We’re so glad that they’re ready to take things to the next level. Here’s hoping they share a pic of their first fam meeting on the ‘gram! All the best, Miesha and Ieshaan!

Featured Image: Instagram

10 Nov 2021

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