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Rubina Dilaik Reacts To Rakhi Sawant’s Bullying & TBH, We Saw It Coming

Rubina Dilaik Reacts To Rakhi Sawant’s Bullying & TBH, We Saw It Coming

Initially, all the gharwalas in Bigg Boss 14 came across as the most boring contestants in the show’s history. But in reality, they are a bunch of arrogant bullies. This season has come quite close to normalising harassment and bullying. As a result, throughout the season, we saw multiple contestants go through enormous mental breakdowns and do something unthinkable. This time, it’s Rubina Dilaik who lost her cool and gave it back to Rakhi Sawant for her outrageous behaviour.

According to recently released promos, Rubina threw a bucket of water on Rakhi. Reportedly, Bigg Boss has also punished her for the same. While we do not support this act, let’s take a step back and analyse the situation before judging the Shakti actress.

Is Rakhi The New Bully of BB 14?


It was just a few weeks ago when the nation witnessed Rakhi getting bullied left, right, and centre by Jasmin Bhasin. Our hearts went out for Rakhi and we thought that she would know the repercussions of torturing someone better than anyone else. Sadly, that wasn’t what we saw in the next few weeks. 

In the last few episodes, Rakhi harassed Abhinav Shukla by tearing his undergarments on national television, making crude and unwanted remarks on him, and by even pulling the strings of his shorts. Now, in the upcoming episode, Rakhi will be seen bullying Abhinav by calling him a tharki (pervert).

I’m sorry, but isn’t that character assassination?

Bigg Boss, The Silent Spectator

As a result, Abhinav slammed Rakhi for her comments but his wife, infuriated with the accusations, threw an entire bucket of water on Rakhi. According to reports, Bigg Boss has punished Rubina for her acts and nominated her for elimination for the entire season.

We just have one quick question for BB makers, why do they intervene after contestants cross their limit? ICYMI, this is not the first time when the makers remained a silent spectator of the bullying that frequently happened in the house. Something very similar happened when Arshi Khan had mentally tortured Vikas Gupta to a point where he threw her in a pool and got evicted for the same. Where were the BB makers while all that was happening? You’re right, they were sleeping!

While assaulting someone in any manner is wrong, we do not understand why the show has been promoting people for bullying and harassing anyone in the first place. We think that all of this could have been avoided if Rakhi was called out for her actions in the beginning itself.

TBH, with all the bizarre TRP strategies by Bigg Boss in place, we can’t deny we didn’t see this one coming.

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02 Feb 2021

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