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Maza Nahi Aaya Bigg Boss: Here’s Why BB 15 Might End Sooner Than We Expected

Maza Nahi Aaya Bigg Boss: Here’s Why BB 15 Might End Sooner Than We Expected

Bigg Boss 15 started with a bang and we thought it might become the most successful season of the franchise. The jungle theme was pretty interesting, the gharwalas were charged up from the word go and there were only a few things that could have gone wrong…and, they did.

The makers are doing everything they can to turn the show into a disaster and it’s working. The worst part is that they’re still not learning from their mistakes. The new season is officially a train wreck with really low TRPs and the producers are apparently planning to end it sooner than we know. If you wonder what’s making this promising season a major disappointment for the viewers, scroll ahead.

4 Reasons That’s Making Bigg Boss 15 A Huge Disappointment

From the blatant display of favouritism to flouting rules without a care in the world, here are the potential reasons why BB 15 is being unsuccessful in getting high TRP.

Survivor Of The Favourites


Shamita Shetty was favoured by host Karan Johar in Bigg Boss OTT blatantly and we somehow let it go. She was roped in for season 15, given special privileges and we tolerated that assuming it to be a part of the game format. Things became over the top when she was assigned sanchalak duties every time a task was performed. Also, all the three wild cards introduced in the game recently had a direct connection with the actress. Um…why so many perks to someone who’s neither the captain of the house nor BB OTT winner?


The Mohabattein actress is not the only one who’s paid extra attention in the show. Simba Nagpal, who has worked with Colors channel in the past, is being appreciated by host Salman Khan despite doing almost nothing in the house. According to a few evicted gharwalas, the makers are chopping off Umar Riaz’s screen time even during the live feed. Hmm…are we smelling favouritism or major BS?

Weekend Ka Pyaar


Weekend Ka Vaar episodes were supposed to be fun and game. Salman and viewers’ questions to the gharwalas helped us get a better insight into their strategies and it often changed equations in the house. But now, while the equations are changing, it is neither because of the host nor the audience. It is because of the former contestants who enter the house to blatantly support and save their fave (read strong) players.

What’s the point of the gharwalas making connections and alliances in the house if they will be directly judged by other celebrities?

Love Or A Gimmick


While we were rooting for Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash’s bond in the game, the fact that their friendship started quite abruptly confused us. Things took a surprising turn when evicted contestants, Donal Bisht and Akasa Singh hinted that their love angle might be a gimmick.

Honestly, we enjoy rooting for romantic BB couples, but their relationship has to be organic and real. Indian audiences hate it when producers try to fool them by pushing fake love angles and it seems that BB 15 has hit a wrong nerve this time.

Rules, LOL What’s That?


Karan legit choke slammed Pratik Sehajpal in the initial weeks and faced no repercussions. The makers turned a blind eye to his act and the host mollycoddled him by stating that it was an ‘understandable’ action. Simba pushed Umar into the swimming pool and guess what BB did? That’s right—nothing! He was given a flimsy warning and his act was justified as a reaction to someone’s provocation. We wonder where this thought process was when Vikas Gupta had thrown Arshi Khan into the pool after being mentally tortured by her for days.

Favouritism, double standards, fake love angles and what not! The makers of Bigg Boss 15 need to do away with their old antics and let the reality show be real. These moves are doing more harm than good to the gharwalas’ gameplay and even to the entire season. We hope they learn their lessons now!

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11 Nov 2021

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