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Finally A Winner: Five Reasons Why We See Tejasswi Prakash Holding The Bigg Boss 15 Trophy

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Dec 17, 2021
Tejasswi Prakash


A couple of weeks ago, Salman Khan repudiated all the Bigg Boss 15 contestants by saying that none of them has been acting like a winner. Can’t believe I am saying this but he was right. Back then, everyone appeared to be a tad too image-conscious to show their real personality. 

However, anyone who watched last night’s episode can say with absolute certainty that we finally have a BB 15 contestant who looks like the winner. No points for guessing that we are talking about Tejasswi Prakash right now. We are in awe of how she took a stand for Devoleena Bhattacharjee last night and can totally see her lifting the trophy this season. Don’t agree with us? Here are five arguments that will have you convinced:


Loyal & How 

Tejasswi Prakash is nothing if not loyal. From day 1, she has stood firmly with her people irrespective of what others have to say. We have all seen her always standing by Karan Kundrra’s side but her loyalty is definitely not confined just to him. Just last week, we saw her talking nicely about Vishal Kotian and how he was her true friend. She did not change her stance on the topic or what he meant to her even after Karan raised his objection with the same. Teja did it even when Vishal was not in the house and that shows a lot of integrity and loyalty. 

Head & Heart In The Right Place

She might not always have the best way to put forth her point but you can tell that Tejasswi’s heart and mind are in the right place. She is kind, caring, and is never seen plotting against others except when she is performing a task. On the contrary, the rest of the contestants are often seen discussing people, especially Tejasswi. Just last night, while we saw Shamita Shetty and Rashami Desai having a discussion on how Teja has gone wrong the entire week, she was lost in her own world and singing songs with Karan Kundrra. 

Then & Now

From entering the house as the wide-eyed and bubbly girl to developing some restraint and showing her strength in the past two months, Tejasswi has surely shown a lot of growth in the show. From Gautam Gulati to Rubina Dilaik, take any Bigg Boss winner and you will realise how all of them followed a similar trajectory. None of them was perfect. They made mistakes but importantly, they learnt from them. It is very apparent that Teja is on the same track now.

What A Fighter 

Just last night’s episode was more than enough to prove that Tejasswi knows how to take a stand for what she deems right. She stood for Devoleena Bhattacharjee even when the majority of the housemates (can you believe it?) tried siding with Abhijit Bichukale. In fact, we suspect that most of them were siding with him only because Teja took a stand and they wanted to contradict and prove her wrong. Clearly, they can also see a winner in her right now.

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It is her adorable body language and cute antics that have made her stand out from the rest of the housemates this season. In fact, even Karan ended up falling for Tejasswi because of her sense of humour and how she has the ability to make everyone smile. She is hands down the most entertaining contestant this season and well, that is exactly what the audience wants from a TV show at the end of the day, right?

Well, we are calling itTejaaswi Prakash is going to win Bigg Boss 15. Just wait and watch it happen now.

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