Tejasswi Prakash Just Shut Down A Sexist Question Like A Boss & We Are Mighty Impressed!

ShivaniShivani  |  Nov 23, 2021
Tejasswi Prakash Just Shut Down A Sexist Question Like A Boss & We Are Mighty Impressed!


The most awaited event in the Bigg Boss house every season has got to be the press conference! We usually love the drama that unfolds but this season, something went terribly wrong. During such conferences, all the participants are expected to be grilled by the reporters. This time, things seemed a bit unfair, as it was only Tejasswi Prakash who faced the brunt of most questions.

Tejasswi is one of the most talked-about contestants in Bigg Boss 15! Be it her chemistry with Karan Kundrra or her cute antics in the house, she has slowly turned into a fan favourite. Perhaps that’s why she was targeted?

During the press conference, Tejasswi was bombarded with several questions. While she remained calm through it all. one particular topic left her fuming—and rightfully so! 

A reporter bashed Tejasswi for playing the ‘woman card’. She said, “You think you are always correct and whenever you feel like you are wrong you start crying, it feels like you are using a girl/victim card.” 

In reply, Tejasswi lashed out at the journalist and said, “Agar mera ek emotional side hai aur aap ise woman card bol rahe ho, toh mujhe aapka question bohot offensive laga, aapki soch galat hai.(If I have an emotional side and you are calling it a woman card, then I find your question offensive. You thought process is wrong.)”

We have so many questions about the reporter’s statement! First of all, what exactly is a woman card? Just ‘coz a woman is unapologetically emotional, does it make her weak? Being sensitive is a sign of strength and courage! Kudos to Tejasswi for shutting down the sexist question.

That’s not all that happened at the conference. Another reporter asked Tejasswi, “You say that Shamita is dominating and bossy but, when for the whole day you dominate Karan isn’t that bossy?” The actress replied, “If I like someone, and that person gets abused by anyone I won’t take it.”

The only silver lining during the conference was Tejasswi’s confession about her relationship with Karan. The Swaragini actress made things official with the actor in front of everyone! 

After the conference, all we wanna tell Tejasswi is—keep your chin up and march on!

Feature Image Credit: Instagram