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Who Run The World? Team POPxo Shares The One Lipstick Shade That Makes Them Feel Powerful

Who Run The World? Team POPxo Shares The One Lipstick Shade That Makes Them Feel Powerful

Okay fine, I’ll admit it.

I have an addiction to lipsticks. I just cannot stop buying them. I have no idea what is it. It’s like one minute I’m toggling between apps, deciding what to eat and the next moment, I’ve just placed an order for lipsticks! Is it just me or does anyone else do that too? Having tried almost every type of lipstick and every formula out there, I feel like a good lipstick can brighten up your spirits on a dull day and completely change the way you look. 



A swipe of lipstick gives me an instant boost of confidence. How many of you feel the same way? 


Team POPxo Reveals That One Lip Colour That Makes ‘Em Feel Powerful

Go ahead, bring out your credit cards!

Nidhi Kavle | Red-y To Woo


As I grow older, I’ve come to realize that I’m more of a nude lipstick person. It looks the best on me and it’s pretty versatile. But if I’m being completely honest, it’s one less decision to make in the morning when I’m running late. On days I’m feeling a little extra saucy I love a classic red lip, it always makes a statement. My go-to red is the Mac Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo.

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Sharon Alphonso | In Love With Everything

From all the lovely lipstick shades out there, it’s tough to pick just one. To be honest with you, I try to sync my lipstick with my mood. When I feel meh, I put on a nude. When I feel attractive, I put on a red. When I feel a tad adventurous, I’d pick a rich chocolate brown or a deep burgundy. However, when I need a confidence booster, pink is my go-to colour. Not a shocking pink or a soft shade – there must be a balance between the two. Right now, I’m lovin’ the LIT Creamy Matte Lipstick in Tequila Sunrise by MyGlamm. 


PS: Sharon’s clearly not easy to please.



Neha Kapoor | Poppin’ In Pink

I’m the kind of person who has always loved all kinds of nude lipsticks, but I feel like pinks are my thing. A bright red lipstick does wonders for most people, but for me pink works better. Currently, my go-to lipstick is the Mac Retro Matte Flat Out Fabulous, it’s the perfect pop of fuschia.


Aayushi Pareek | Mixin’ And Slaying

I am a lipstick hoarder. If I had to choose between paying my rent and buying a lipstick, I’d be the most glamorous homeless person! I’m matte-ly in love with every lipstick that comes in a liquid formula but it’s actually my outfit that helps me decide what shade I’ll be wearing. But if I had to choose one, it’ll be a tough tie between YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain in the Shade #01 and the Sephora Collection Lip Stain in the shade Strawberry Kissed.


Anandita Malhotra | Rihanna Approved Pout Right Here

If there is one thing that I can count on to make my day happier and brighter- it’s lipstick. One swipe of my fav shade can transform the way I feel about myself. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t restrict herself when it comes to shades- neon picks, bold reds, deeper maroons, happy berry and of course trusty nude lipsticks- I rock ‘em all. If I’m honest, I’m the kind of person who loves wearing red through the day and even at night. The Stunna Lip Paint by Fenty Beauty in the shade Uncensored makes my knees week, I love the way it glides on with an easy to use applicator and stays put without drying your lips like other liquid lipsticks.


Anmol Gambhir | Little Miss Indecisive

I can proudly say that I have a love affair going on with lipsticks. I always have a lipstick near me and tend to carry at least 10 shades for a 3-day trip. A bold/bright lipstick is something I don’t want to leave without especially on important days. Boujee by Kylie Cosmetics and the and #13 lip stain by Sephora Collection are two of my favourites right now.


Priyanka Nath | Keepin’ It Glossin’

I was never a makeup person and lipstick is the only form of makeup I would apply to add that zing to my look. Currently, I am crushing on D for Danger by Mac and the shade Bitter Sweet from Bobby Brown, the former is perfect for all my night looks and latter is a great shade to ace my desk to dinner looks. I love how versatile both the shades are and my go-to trick to glam it up is by just adding a single coat of the Tarte Cosmetics’ H2o Gloss.


What lipstick gives you that boost of confidence? Do tell us, we’d love to know!

Featured Image: Team POPxo

25 Feb 2020
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