The BEST Makeup Tricks Ever?! Team POPxo Reveals Their Favs!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 5, 2016
The BEST Makeup Tricks Ever?! Team POPxo Reveals Their Favs!

Every girl has a makeup trick up her sleeve. It’s a beauty hack that saves her precious time and makes her makeup look flawless. The team members of POPxo too know some pretty reliable makeup tricks and they’ve spilled them just for you. Read on to find out what they are, and get ready to alter your makeup routine for the better. You’re welcome!

Priyanka Ghura – Beauty Editor

Reliable makeup trick

I’ve realised that the best way to make your base look super natural and fab is to dab it into your skin rather than rub it around your face. A damp makeup sponge is all you need. Dot your foundation or concealer on your face and then patiently dab it well all over your face with your sponge, to blend. It definitely helps it look way more natural and your skin looks more flawless.

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Dakshee Haryani – Social Media Coordinator

Reliable makeup trick

My most reliable makeup trick is for preventing any embarrassing lipstick stains on my teeth. I wear bright lip colours often, and they tend to transfer to the teeth a lot. A weird, but SUPER effective trick I learnt long back, was to put my clean index finger inside the mouth and pout. Then, I slowly slide my finger out of my mouth. This trick easily gets rid of any excess colour on the inside edges of the lips, keeping my pearly whites stain-free for the entire night!

Gopika E.M – Social Media Manager

Reliable makeup trick

The makeup trick I discovered a few months ago, was using a red lipstick to conceal dark circles – and it has literally saved my life! I dab a bright shade of red lipstick below my eyes and blend it with a bit of foundation using my fingers. It works like magic!  For a person who has no clue about using concealer – I swear by this trick to get that flawless, no-dark-circles look.

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Kritika Rathi – Fashion Writer

Reliable makeup trick

To get that perfect eyeliner look, I use a roll-on kajal pencil across my eye-lid first, then go over it with a liquid liner, so that there are clean lines. This way, I can fill the gaps that remain and create perfect lines. This also helps keep the eyeliner in place all day long, without fading.

Rukmini Kapoor – Graphic Designer

Reliable makeup trick

Turning any glossy lipstick into matte is my favourite trick. I absolutely love matte lipsticks but there are times when a particular brand doesn’t have a colour I like in matte. But because I love the colour so much, I buy it anyway since I have a fantastic trick up my sleeve that removes the glossiness completely. It’s super simple – all I do is apply the lipstick normally, dab translucent setting powder on top of it and I’m good to go. The only downfall is that when I re-apply the lipstick, I have to dab the powder again. But trust me, it’s totally worth the effort.

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Apurva Lama – Fashion Writer

Reliable makeup trick

The most reliable makeup trick for me is using a white eye pencil to highlight the inner corners of my eye. It automatically opens up my eyes and when teamed with black eyeliner, it makes my eyes look bigger and brighter even at the end of a tiring day.

Snigdha Chowdary – Account Manager

Reliable makeup trick

I always apply a thin layer of foundation on my lips before I apply lipstick. The foundation forms a good base, makes the colour more prominent, and ensures that the lipstick lasts for a good 7-8 hours. Another little trick that I learnt is, using foundation as a nude lipstick. Again, I apply a thin layer of foundation and spread it evenly. I then apply a thick layer of lip gloss on it. It works like a charm!

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