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10 *Other* Uses For Your Conditioner You Didn’t Know About!

10 *Other* Uses For Your Conditioner You Didn’t Know About!

While we know those hair conditioners are an unmatched invention in the sphere of hair care, some of its alternate uses are pretty phenomenal as well! Surprised? Well, if you’re not, you sure will we once you’re done reading this!

1. Shaving Cream

Hair conditioner is an excellent substitute for expensive shaving creams. It moisturizes the skin and provides a friction-free slide to ensure a smooth and close shave.

2. Bath Oil

2 surprising uses of hair conditioner

A squirt of conditioner into a hot bath can ease the skin of the dryness and itchiness that often results from taking steamy baths in cold, dry climates.

3. Wash-off Body Lotion

After a shower, slather on some conditioner, let it sink in for a few minutes and rinse. This little trick will help you tide over dry skin times till you repurchase your favourite body lotion.

4. Fabric Softener

4 surprising uses of hair conditioner

Dilute a capful of conditioner with water and use it as an excellent and fragrant substitute for fabric softener. Your clothes will be soft, lint-free and smell great. Fabrics such as wool take very well to being softened by hair conditioner.

5. Makeup Remover

Run out of makeup remover? Rub some conditioner on your skin and wipe off with a moist wipe/ cotton pad to effectively remove makeup without drying out your skin. Tread carefully near the eye area as the fragrances in the conditioner may cause irritation. While this is a decent go-to makeup remover, be wary that the silicones and heavy emollients in the conditioner may clog pores. To avoid this, restrict its uses for emergencies only and ensure that you follow up with a toner/ astringent (depending on your skin type) to remove any traces of conditioner.

6. Cuticle Cream

6 surprising uses of hair conditioner

Investing in a cream specifically for cuticles is often seen as optional in one’s beauty routine. This is simply due to the fact that its job can easily be done by a thick conditioner. Rub some conditioner on your cuticles and massage for a minute before pushing them back to give you a clean and shiny nail bed. This routine works beautifully to prep the nail for any nail art or to sport a nude, clean minimalistic nail-do.

7. Foot Cream

While it is advisable to invest in an actual foot cream, emergencies call for effective alternatives. A hair conditioner, mixed with a few drops of your favourite oil (argan, jojoba, rose, sandalwood, lavender, peppermint etc), does the trick. Apply this concoction on your foot and seal it with a plastic wrap for 20 minutes for a quick intense moisture treatment for your feet. The wrap can be switched with socks for an effective overnight remedy.

8. Smoothen And Detangle Frizzy Hair

8 surprising uses of hair conditioner

Using a conditioner on damp hair is common, but here is how it can be used between and before a wash to lead your mane into shiny awesomeness.

Between washes: A 1:9 mixture of conditioner and water in a spritz bottle works immaculately to detangle and smoothen difficult hair.

Before wash – DIY hair mask for dry and damaged hair: 4 tablespoons conditioner + 1 teaspoon of oil (Olive, almond, jojoba, coconut) + few drops of essential oils (rose, chamomile, lavender, lemongrass etc.). Apply this mixture to the hair, focusing on the most damaged parts, wrap a plastic film and then a towel (optional, for additional heat). Leave it on for 20 minutes before washing. It can be repeated as often as desired and always results in super sleek and shiny hair.

9. Unclog Drains

Pour some conditioner into your clogged drain followed with some hot water in to clear the drain. It’ll clear up in minutes!

10. No More Squeaky Door/ Window Joints

10 surprising uses of hair conditioner

Hair conditioner works as a lubricant to reduce friction between door and window joints. Dab some conditioner on the hinge to stop that awful squeaking of doors and windows.

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21 Jul 2016

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