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5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Skin May Be Breaking Out During Quarantine

5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Skin May Be Breaking Out During Quarantine

Quarantine life is all chill and all until your skin starts to break out. You don’t get it. You’re confused. These past few weeks you’re doing everything in your capacity to nurse your skin back to health – but still, nothing is working. You’re eating your greens. Drinking your 8 glasses of water. You and makeup are on a break. You’re putting on DIY face packs made from kitchen ingredients because some ‘influencer’ on the ‘Gram swears by it. You’re even following a 10 step Korean skincare routine for heaven’s sake! Where are you going wrong? Here are a few possibilities. 

Surprising Reasons Why You’re Breaking Out During Quarantine

The sooner you act on these, the better.

1. Your Life Is Upside Down

Remember when you’d go to work in the morning, eat your meals on time, head for gym class after work, doze off to bed at 11 pm. Quarantine life has flipped everyone’s schedule. Not working often, eating your meals at odd hours and sleeping till the wee hours of the morning, your skin is the one bearing the brunt of it. Even though it’s tough, we must discipline ourselves and find a way to ensure that we eat, workout and sleep on time. Getting back to a schedule can improve your skin too.

2. Stress Is To Blame


Even though the world commands you not to panic, it’s tough to remain calm when every page of the newspaper screams panic! Stress causes the body to produce cortisol and that causes inflammation and breakouts. First, things first, breathe. Sleep it off if the voices in your head get too loud. Take a long, hot shower, light up some scented candles, slap a sheet mask on and relax. By you stressing, you will not only weaken your immunity system but ruin your skin too. 

3. Consuming Sugar & Dairy Products

Just ‘coz your home and bored, doesn’t mean you should finish a whole box of cookies! Foods that have a high glycemic index like white bread, rice cakes, oatmeal, cakes, popcorn, baked goods and dairy products can cause breakouts. During the phase, try to keep your meals as clean and light as possible. Salads, veggies, fish, nuts, pulses – these will nourish your body and boost your immunity. 

4. You’re Experimenting With New Beauty Products


With so much time in your hands, it’s only natural to experiment with the beauty stash you have at home, lying in your drawer. Before doing so, always check the expiry dates of these products. If it has passed its shelf life, chuck it out. Used products that have gone bad can do more harm than good to your skin. 

5. You Suddenly Cut Off From Makeup

If you’re used to applying heavy makeup before and took a break during this lockdown, your skin most likely will act up. This is called ‘skin purging’, you may be tempted to fix this issue by applying more makeup or using more skincare. Don’t do this. Allow your skin to heal.

If your skin gets worse, you can always consult a dermatologist. Many dermatologists are doing online-consultations during the lockdown. Kaya Skin Clinic is also offering free video consultations during the day, you can call them on 1800-209-5292 for any skincare and haircare concerns you may have.


Now that you know the reasons for the pimples on your face, it’s high time you learn how to treat ’em too!

06 Apr 2020

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