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Hacks For Summer-Friendly Makeup

Beauty Mavens, Here Are Super Easy Tips To Keep In Mind For A Summer- Friendly Makeup Look

Summer is all about wearing bikinis and chilling in pools and while that is fun, the constant sweating is so not. 

With temperatures hitting the 40s, almost all the makeup seems to just melt off. But beauty mavens, don’t worry, there are ways to keep it in place in the face of heat and humidity. The new game plan? Mattify, bronze and protect! Scroll down to read heatwave makeup survival hacks 101 and make a switch ASAP. 


7 Hacks To Keep Your Makeup From Melting Off

Pick A Primer With SPF


Sunscreen isn’t always the best base to build your makeup on. It’s thick, shiny, and has the annoying tendency to make your foundation slip, just a few hours later. If only there is a product that could protect us from the sun AND prep our skin for makeup, It’s this hybrid formula that has all the benefits of a primer, plus built-in SPF30. Rejoice in your even-toned, radiant, and longer-lasting makeup.

Opt For A Sweat-Proof Concealer


While the market is flooded with various concealer formulas offering high coverage, very few really stand the test of time – especially in the heat. Thankfully, this is one of them. Boasting 16-hour wear, it really will keep you covered come shine and rain (especially shine, in this case). If you want to keep it minimal – it’s a good idea to try and forgo foundation, as even the best formulas won’t last in the scorching sun. Instead, apply your concealer into the areas that need it, and go bare everywhere else.

Water Based Foundation Are Go-To Products For Summer


If you’re using the wrong formula – foundation can be your biggest enemy. Ideally, you should pick a water-based product, as oil-based formulas are more likely to slide off your face at the first sign of sweat. Plus, they’re more hydrating- which your skin’s going to thank you for in 42 degrees. If you’re a sucker for high coverage and light formulas make you nervous, know that you can easily build it up and it won’t cake or go streaky. Win-win!

Layer Make Up Textures


Take note: a fail-proof tip to survive makeup through soaring temps? Duality is key for long-lasting makeup- try mixing different textures. So, if you’re using a cream blush, and then buff it with a powder blush. Likewise, if you’re applying a liquid foundation, buff a powder on top. After using a brow pencil or wax, use an eyeshadow. The dual protection at every level creates makeup that is sweat resistant, humidity resistant and nearly swimmable.

Cream Over Powder Eyeshadow


Talking about eyeshadows, cream textures are perf for summer. Not only are they easier to apply when you’re already hot with sweat and powder accumulated in the crease, but they also don’t budge once they’ve dried and are easier to set. If you’re not a seasoned shadow stick applier, don’t be intimidated, they’re really not so different from your fave pot of powder. Simply draw on, blend with a brush, and voila, you’re done. 

Use A Powder, Sparingly


As stated above, creamy textures are more summer-friendly as compared to the powdery iterations. Too much powder can cause more trouble than good by gathering in the crease. Rather than viewing it as a sweat mop, and vigorously reapplying, use it to set your foundation and lightly dust it over the areas that desperately need it, once or twice at most throughout the day. If in doubt, blot.

Waterproof Mascara Is Best


It might be a pain to remove, but you’re setting yourself up for panda eyes if you don’t use waterproof mascara during summer. There are loads to choose from but this is our personal favorite. Thanks to its lengthening fibers and lash-conditioning ingredients. The brush is a dream, too.

Seal The Deal


The holy grail! You’re probably already well acquainted with this setting spray – if not, allow us to introduce you to your new BFF. It’s so versatile that you can use this whatever the weather, but it’s especially great in the summer, thanks to its amazing ability to shield your makeup against humidity and heat. Spray on your makeup, and it will stay on your face for a good number of hours.

When things are really starting to hot up, use these hacks to update your makeup game for summer.

Feature Image: Instagram

15 Apr 2021

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