6 Makeup Ideas To Look Fresh And Fab For Your Summer Wedding!

6 Makeup Ideas To Look Fresh And Fab For Your Summer Wedding!

With the shaadi season on almost all year round, it’s exciting to see how our super stylish brides are nailing their beauty looks based on the weather they get married in! While we saw a lot of shimmer and shine, wine and bold dark shades during the winter, our summer brides too have their own favourites. Check out these 6 pretty brides for all the summer makeup inspiration you need today.

1. The natural beauty

summer makeup 1 Image: Morvi Images on Instagram So fresh, so pretty, so elegant - this bride is glowing even without having to put on layers of makeup. We love her minimalistic base and the nude lips. The makeup artist has only played with her eyes and that too in the most classic way possible. Kohl perfectly lines the rims of her eyes, layers of mascara and dark brows add just the right amount of drama.

2. Candy colours

summer makeup 2 Image: Bhumi and Simran Photography Dressed in a pop blue lehenga, this bride sure is giving us some major wedding makeup goals. The eyes play it safe with brown eyeshadow and just a touch of the smokey effect at the tips. But what makes the look stand out are those pink candy coloured lips! Summery and so totally fun! BannerYellow 500px

3. The peach obsession

summer makeup 3 Image: Dipak Studios We couldn’t help but notice the bride’s flawless and dewy foundation. A matte peach lipstick, a hint of peach blush and tons of mascara finished off her look for one of the wedding functions. Fuss-free makeup, delicate strokes and absolutely refreshing.

4. A colourful affair

summer makeup 4 Image: Morvi Images Just like the ceremony decor, add some colour to your mehendi makeup too. In keeping with her super colourful outfit, the bride chose to go with a pretty peach and pink matte shade for her lips. The foundation and blush are absolutely minimal and we love the icy green eye liner that completes her look. Fun colours if done right can be a total show stealer.

5. The red one

summer makeup 5

Image: Weddingnama on Instagram 

If you love your red Lipper just as much as we do, there is just no reason to not wear it! While heavy eye makeup and deep red lipsticks look fab during winter; for summer, it’s best to tone down your eyes if red lipstick is what you’re looking at. Just like this bride did! A subtle shade of red, just a hint of blush and the most basic eye makeup is a winner.

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