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11 Winter Struggles That’ll Make EVERY Girl Go ‘So True!!’

11 Winter Struggles That’ll Make EVERY Girl Go ‘So True!!’

For those here who rave about the winter season, we’ve got something to say to you – you’ve got to be kidding us! Sure, it’s bearable when the weather is in the pleasant transition, mode but once those harsh, cold winds arrive, our lives go for a toss! Here are 11 struggles every girl has during winters! *Sigh*

1. Nipple issues

‘Tis the season when nipples make their presence felt and how. We only have two words of advice – layer up!


2. Chapped lips

No matter how many times you apply Vaseline through the day, you always seem to end up with a parched pout. To avoid flaky lips, along with slathering on a powerful lip balm, make sure to keep yourself hydrated through the day.


3. We eat and eat and eat…

…and still want to eat some more. It’s not our fault when we have laddoos, gajar ka halwa and cups of steaming hot chocolate tempting us, is it?


4. TOO many layers

Layering is fun. Making cute combinations out of our winter wardrobe of sweaters, jackets, mufflers, stockings, leggings, etc., etc., is a task we all love. It lets out the creative side in us until… we have to pee. That’s when we get stuck in a 10-minute long struggle to get our clothes off and on again.

5. Hat troubles!

Winter hats are like men, we can’t live with or without them. Without them, our ears freeze, and with them, it’s impossible to have a good hair day! Especially when our hairstyle takes the exact shape of the hat.


6. When layering backfires

Even though bundling up is fun, it doesn’t change the fact that it sometimes makes us look like giant balloons. Cute giant balloons, of course!


7. Texting gets harder

Texting and scrolling Facebook in the dead of night goes for a toss…because who will brave the cold to take their hands and face out of the blanket, right?


8. Awkward hairy situations

Let’s just say it out loud, winter means letting our hair grow out until we start resembling wild bears. And it’s all cool…until we sit down, our pants slide up and there it is, our secret peeking out, waving to the rest of the world!

9. Stockings = annoying!

Who even came up with the concept of stockings? They tear easily, keep sliding down, but are an absolute necessity during this season. *Sigh*


10. Static hair…

What is up with that? It’s especially embarrassing when you’re about to sit down for a formal meeting but you look like you belong in a Center Shock ad.


11. You always have to get up when you get comfy

Yes, we’re talking about that feeling. The minute the cold blanket actually becomes a friend, it’s time to get up and start another cold and dreary day.


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13 Dec 2016
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