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Extra Puri Do Na Bhaiya! 9 Moments Every Street Food Lover Will Relate To

Extra Puri Do Na Bhaiya! 9 Moments Every Street Food Lover Will Relate To

Some of us eat to live and some live to eat! And for those who live to eat–food is your greatest love and there’s no doubt about that. As a foodie, you not only worship food but also share a deep connection with other foodies as well. Can we just take a moment to point out that a foodie’s love for food is the purest form of love? I mean, we all know that there’s no better feeling in the world than when that delicious gulab jamun or pani puri fills their mouth!

We’re guessing that just reading this made your mouth water, hai na? But TBH, street food lovers are a different category altogether. Just the thought of some spicy pani puri or khatta meetha aloo chaat can make them want to run to their favourite street food stall wale bhaiya! So, if you’re a street food lover, here are some things that you will definitely relate to.

1. Comfort Food = Street Food


While most people would chomp on fries and burgers or pizza on their worst days but for a street food lover, that just doesn’t cut it. There’s nothing more comforting for them than that Juhu ki pav bhaji or Elco ki pani puri.

2. Extra Puri Do Na Bhaiya


It’s all about the extra something that you can take from the stall wale bhaiya. A true-blue street food lover will not be satisfied with their food until they get that extra chutney or extra sukha puri. 

3. Teekha Banao Na Bhaiya


No, there’s no beating the spicy street food. Even the spiciest sauce from across the world cannot satisfy a street food lover’s need for extra teekha chaat or that extra mirchi

4. Chaat Wale Bhaiya Is Your BFF


The street food stall owners around your area know you so well that they begin preparing your style of food for you the moment they spot you coming their way. You don’t have to tell them what extra things you need because they already know it pretty well!

5. Diet? Woh Kya Hota Hai?


The concept of healthy eating or dieting is something beyond your understanding. There’s no way you can stop yourself from eating when the smell of those delicious momos or dosa or kebabs call out to you. How can someone resist food and eat ghas phus?

6. Khane Ka Budget


You always end up blowing all your salary/pocket money on food. And that’s why you always have a separate budget for food whenever you go for a holiday which is just an excuse to try different kinds of street foods.

7. Sharing Is Not Caring


Yeah, there is no chance you’re going to share even a single bite of that sharwama with your friend. They can get their own if they want to!

8. Khane Chalen?


You will go to the ends of the world to try out street food. It doesn’t matter if that pani puri wala or that dosa wala stall is 20 kilometres away, you will go there just for the joy of tasting the yummy food.

9. Kya Khaun?


Food is always on your mind. You plan your day around food! Even before you head out for that meeting in Tardeo, you’ll already be thinking about having Sardar pav bhaji for lunch and Badshah ka falooda on your way back to work! Wherever you go, whatever you do, you always have a plan to eat.


Be honest, we bet this article made you wanna run to your favourite street food stall!

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12 Feb 2021

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