Akkhi Duniya Loves It! Michelin Star Chefs Rank Vada Pav Among World's Best Burgers

Akkhi Duniya Loves It! Michelin Star Chefs  Rank Vada Pav Among World's Best Burgers

Eaten as a staple food delight in Maharashtra (in all three meals BTW), vada pav is a big saviour for all those leading a busy life across the state. And much to our surprise, this desi version of a burger that has never been recognised as anything beyond street food in India, has now caught the attention of top chefs across the world. 

Michelin star chefs Ravinder Bhogal of Jikoni (London) and Prateek Sadhu of Masque (Mumbai) recently revealed an elaborate list of restaurants that serve the most delectable burgers globally. And guess what? A food-joint that goes by the name Swati Snacks in Mumbai has also made it to the list. Wondering what's so special about this quick-snack served at Swati Snacks? The restaurant serves the desi version of a burger with condiments like a spicy powdery chutney and deep-fried green chillies. And here's how the star chefs explain this simple dish, "Fried potato dumplings are served in buttery soft buns and laced with sinus-clearing spicy chutneys and deep-fried green chilis." Woah..salivating, already!


Here's where you can find Swati Snacks: 248, Karai Estate, Opposite Bhatia Hospital, Tardeo, Mumbai. Cost (approx) for two: ₹450

Other burger joints that have made it are from Australia, USA, China, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Paris.

Coming back to our desi burger, who would have thought that a basic, pocket-friendly food item would make it so big? Well, India indeed is a land of diverse cultures and FOOD here is one of the best in the world. So proud!

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