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Colourful Falsies: The New ‘It’ Beauty Trend On Instagram You’re Gonna Love!

Colourful Falsies: The New ‘It’ Beauty Trend On Instagram You’re Gonna Love!

The neon makeup trend can go home right now because there’s a new colourful beauty trend that’s dominating the beauty world – colourful falsies!

Yup, you read that right- our big, dramatic eyelashes just got a colourful makeover.

How You Can Sport Colourful Lashes

If doing your eye makeup is the favourite part of your makeup routine, be prepared to fall in love with this 2020 beauty trend that’s taking over the ‘gram. With a plethora of options being available at your disposal, there’s something for everybody. Pink, blue, orange- you just name it.

Still not convinced? I bet these pictures will change your mind.


How surreal is this blue-orange combo? Create a colour block eye makeup look by playing with contrasting shades like these.

Elevate your charcoal grey smokey eyes by adding a dash of a colourful mascara. It takes just two coats to take your eye game from predictable to Instagrammable!

No matter what your skin tone is, you can always rely on the good ‘ol purple to make you look fabulous. Just a few coats of your favourite purple mascara and you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Making a bold and beautiful ‘eye’conic statement with lashes is not new. Remember the LED lashes that blew everyone’s mind?


If you want your eyelashes to be as dramatic as that then, you should definitely join the #ColouredFalsies brigade on the ‘Gram. 

Get The Look

Want to lash it out in style? You gotta check out these colourful false lashes and mascaras right away.

The Touch Of Midas

These gold lashes are perfect for weddings and parties. And we understand that bright, fluttery and colourful false lashes might not be calling your name. That’s why we’ve found you a more wearable way to rock this #InstagramMakeupTrend – coloured mascaras!

For A Little Sparkle

If you put the *AAA* in EXTRAAAA, you’ll definitely need this sparkly mascara in your kit. This is also a great pick for the shaadi-season.


To Blue Everyone’s Mind

This is such a good product for the price! Just put on some popping eyeshadow and coat your eyelashes with this stunning blue mascara and I bet there would be no stopping you.

Orange You Glad To See This?

Take your smokey eyes to another level by adding a dash of orange to it. Trust us, you’ll not be disappointed.

‘Coz Violet Makes Everything Better

This almost neon-hued mascara looks so good with muted makeup but bold eyes. Try it out today!

A Dash Of Colour For The Metallic Fan In You

Remember when Sara Ali Khan wore that stunning purple mascara and everyone wanted to know which one was she wearing?


Well, this drugstore pick is a perfectly good dupe!

Goth Girls, Unite

If you’re not a fan of brighter shades, try out this deep red mascara. Just two coats and you’ll be channelling your inner goth girl. 

Dear daring beauty mavens- will you take this trend out for a spin? 

Featured Image: Instagram

24 Feb 2020

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