Beauty Basics: Everything You Need To Know About Fake Eyelashes

Beauty Basics: Everything You Need To Know About Fake Eyelashes

Almost every girl dreams of having naturally long and curled lashes. Back in the day, this remained a dream. The beauty industry has evolved through the years and today, you can walk into any store and pick up a pair of falsies. Yep, it's that easy. However, if you're new to falsies then prepare to get enlightened. First and foremost, they're made from several materials such as mink, human hair, silk, synthetic or plastic. For fuller and natural-looking lashes, human or mink lashes should work.  In fact, if you're running late and you don't want to apply too much makeup, you can skip all of that and only put on your fake eyelashes. They'll not only make your natural lashes look fuller, but also prettier! Ready to know the A-Z of fake eyelashes? Amaze! Let's get started, shall we?

Fake EyelashesTypes 
Tips For Wearing False Eyelashes

Types of Fake Eyelashes?

Who doesn't like those fake eyelashes that looks natural and make you look 10 times prettier than ever? Well, of course, everyone does. So, here we have got you different types of fake eyelashes that you should know about.

  • Individual Lashes

  • Clusters

  • Magnetic

  • Strips

 Individual Lashes

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If you ever wanted to become your own lash artist, now you can if you do choose to go with individual lashes. You can buy them in sets and each of them come in different lengths. Use a tweezer to apply the lashes on sparse areas. Although this takes a long time to perfect, you should consider picking up a magnifying mirror as this helps to get the job done in an easier way. Also, when individual lashes are placed in between your natural lashes, it becomes tough for other people to notice that you did something different to your lashes. Depending on your skill, you could attempt to apply individual lashes by yourself. The results? Amazing natural and fuller-looking lashes, of course!

POPxo Recommends: UROPARIS Plastic False Eyelashes for Women (Rs 275)

Why: Made from human hair, these black individual lashes are worth it if you want to add volume to certain areas of the lash line. However, this set does not come with lash glue. You will have to buy it separately. Also, it looks better when stuck to your upper lashline Vs the lower lashline.  


false eyelashes types

Everyone starts somewhere, right? You can too with clusters! You may know them as flares or accents, but these babies are the best when it comes to putting them on your lashes. Their compact size makes them easy to carry and use and after placing the cluster on your lashline, you can apply mascara to the roots so that the natural lashes and cluster ones look like one.

POPxo Recommends: Ardell Pro Wispies Cluster (Rs 280)

Why: This set contains one set of lashes. The best part of using them is that they're easy and safe to use. They look anything but artificial and look stunning when either worn during the day time or night. 


how to use fake eyelashes 3

If you struggle with using individual, cluster or strip fake eyelashes, then you probably should try magnetic ones. These fake eyelashes are new and popular in the beauty scene right now and if you do manage to bring them home, there's nothing like it. Just so you know, magnetic lashes work differently as compared to other false lashes. You don't have to stick them on, just make sure that your natural lashes are sandwiched between the magnetic ones and you're done. No pushing, no straining, no pressing - this here in the future. 

POPxo Recommends: House of Quirk Magnetic False Eyelashes (Rs 299)

Why: Magnetic lashes are the future! No need to put on glue or struggle with placing the lashes. Just clip these on to your natural lashes and you will be sorted for the party! Plus, they're so lightweight that you never really struggle with using them. 


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I've noticed this one thing - when people talk about false eyelashes, they don't refer to any other type above than strips. In fact, fake eyelash strips are pretty popular and can be bought at almost every beauty store at affordable and expensive price tags. The only difficult part is learning how to stick them on. While some already have readymade glue on them, for others, you'll probably have to manually put on false eyelashes with glue. To apply them to your lash line, you will need a steady hand and a good pair of tweezers to get the job done. 

POPxo Recommends: Huda Beauty Classic Lash - Jacqueline #20 (Rs 1,394)

Why: If you're a huge fan of Huda Beauty, then you must pick up these lashes. They're so good, it's not even funny! A little expensive, but worth every penny I must add. 

What To Keep In Mind When Wearing Fake Eyelashes

Yes, we understand your hurry to put those pretty eyelashes on, but stay calm and keep a few things in mind to apply fake eyelashes properly. Here have a look to know how to apply false eyelashes on your eyes.

  • Avoid Touching Them Often

  • Choosing The Shape

  • How To Put Them On

  • The Right Way To Take Them Off

  • Storing Is Important

Avoid Touching Them Often

Once you've successfully put them on, don't touch them. Touching them can cause the lashes to come off if you aren't careful enough.  Also, if you've applied mascara to your lashes and then curl it, you're bound to land up with a broken lash or two. Remember, always use an eyelash curler before applying mascara.

Choosing The Shape

For a bold, edgy look you should pick full volume lashes. A strip of magnetic pair of false lashes should work just fine. For deep-set eyes, go with dramatic, long lashes. If your eyes are round in shape, winged fake eyelashes are a good choice. Individual lashes are great if you want to fill tiny sparse areas on your lashline. The best part is that they're customizable.   

How To Put Them On

how to use false eyelashes

If you're new to using falsies, you may want to start out by using cheaper ones instead of expensive quality falsies. Use a pair of scissors to trim the lashes to match your natural ones. Once that's done, you have to apply the glue. Don't just stick them on soon after. You must wait for 30 seconds before you go ahead with the plan. While doing it, place a mirror at the bottom and look down while applying the falsies. You can use your fingers to place the false eyelashes, but if you're not a pro yet, tweezers are a better option.

The Right Way To Take Them Off

Don't just pluck them out at one go. Soak a cotton pad in an oil-based makeup remover and place the pad on the closed lid. Wait for about 30 seconds before removing. This allows the glue to dissolve so that the lashes come off seamlessly. Gently pull out the lashes with your fingertips from the outer corner all the way to the inner corner. To remove any other visible makeup residue, you can wipe the area using a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover. 

Storing Is Important 

what are the best false eyelashes

Most fake eyelashes come in a half-moon tray inside a plastic box. However, before you put store them after wearing, you've got to clean them. Use a cotton bud soaked with makeup remover product to remove any eyeliner, dirt, dust and mascara stick in between the lashes. Never wash your fake lashes under running water or soak them in a bowl of water. Post cleansing, you've got to air dry the lashes and then store in the half-moon tray that they came in. Keep the tray in a place that's dark and dry. Any heat, light or water that comes in contact with the lashes could damage it completely by changing its shape or lightening the strands. 


Are False Eyelashes Safe?

Yes, they are. However, it all depends on how you apply and remove the lashes. If you apply pressure, it could lead to lash loss. A solution would be to avoid rubbing, tugging and playing around with your lashes. 

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Can You Sleep With Fake Eyelashes?

A definite no. You should be not only removing the falsies, but your makeup as well before you hit the sack. If you aren't careful enough, you can damage and unknowingly pluck out some natural lashes in your sleep. Hence, it's best to spend a few minutes removing them before you go to sleep. 

Do Falsies Ruin Real Lashes?

how to apply false eyelashes

Not if they're applied correctly. Falsies help to add definition, shape, and volume to your natural lashes. However, if you keep them on for too long, the glue could lose its stickiness and the lashes could fall off. 

Can I Shower With False Lashes?

This one is tricky. If the glue on your lashes dries up and you are careful while bathing, you can take a call accordingly. 

How Many Times Can False Lashes Be Worn And Reused?

6-8 weeks normally. Typically, synthetic lashes can be worn 4 to 5 times while mink lashes can be re-worn about 20 times. Lashes with thicker bands can be re-used more as they're more durable, compared to lashes with thinner bands. Remember ladies, the better care you take of your false lashes, the more you can use them. This means not applying mascara or makeup on them, removing them gently and cleaning and storing them well. This will help them last longer.

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