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10 Sorry Messages To Send To Your Partner When You’ve Messed Up

10 Sorry Messages To Send To Your Partner When You’ve Messed Up

You’re not in a relationship if you aren’t fighting, at least once in a while. Relationships are made of two people with different temperaments, nature, and attitude. So fights are natural and you two can agree to disagree. But what if, it’s you who messed up this time? Not cool, right? You need to make up to your partner by apologizing and setting things straight. If for some reason, you’re feeling like a chicken and don’t want to pick up the phone to call and apologize, you can always text them a sweet ‘I’m sorry’ message.

Messages To Send To Bae When You’re Sorry And Want To Apologize

It’s time to set things right!

1. ‘You’ve dealt with me patiently since the day we met and loved me unconditionally since we started dating. I’m sorry if I hurt you, my love! You know how much you mean to me.’

2. ‘Our love for each other is so strong that nothing can come between us, not even my stupidity or mistakes. Please forgive me for hurting you!’


3. ‘If I could do one thing right now, I would turn back time to the moment that I hurt you. It was never my intention to upset or disappoint you. I can’t change what has been done but I can promise that it will never happen again.’

4. ‘I’m sorry for being such a fool. I love you, precious. ‘

5. ‘You are my future, baby. Please find it in your heart to forgive me for this mistake that I’ve made. You’re too important for me so I’m not giving up on you.’


6. ‘There is no excuse for how I behaved and I can’t justify this behaviour, no matter how hard I try. But I hope you love me enough to forgive me and let this go!’

7. ‘I’m sorry I let you down. Forgive me and I will spend the rest of our time together proving that you’re the most important person to me.’

8. ‘I am genuinely sorry for losing my temper and being rude to you. You do not deserve that at all. What you do deserve is all of my love and affection!’


9. ‘An apology cannot fix what’s broken but it can be the first step in rebuilding the relationship. So here I am, apologizing with all my heart, hoping you’ll love me again!’

10. ‘You have every right to be mad at me and not talk to me for as long as you want. But I just wanted to let you know that while you’re not talking to me, I’m sitting here and waiting for your text, feeling sorry for what I’ve done.’

While a text is great, there’s nothing that a hug can’t do. So go ahead, hit send and follow it up with a jaadu ki jhappi! 

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06 Feb 2020

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