Dear Boyfriend, Here Are 9 Fights You Just AIN’T Gonna Win!!

Arya KhannaArya Khanna  |  May 5, 2016
Dear Boyfriend, Here Are 9 Fights You Just AIN’T Gonna Win!!


People have fights in a relationship ALL the time. Some are started by you, some by your partner. But certain fights, no matter who starts them, just cannot be won by a guy – which is a mantra that a LOT of us ladies live by! It may sound unfair, but like they say, all’s fair in love and war! And there are some fights that women just have a sneaky upper hand at – and our men can hardly ever live up to our, uh, logic and persistence! Here are 9 fights that guys should just not have with their girlfriend – ‘coz we NEVER let them win!

1. The “you said this” fight

If she’s upset with you about something you said, even though you claim you didn’t (mostly because you don’t remember); give up! You’re not going to win this one. It’s your word against hers! Just believe that you said it and make up!

fights boys cannot win

2. The fight about it actually being a “fight”

“I’m not trying to fight or argue with you, I’m just stating how I feel and trying to have a discussion”. Guys seriously, if she says this at any point during your “fight” forget about winning. If you want the argument to end, you gotta admit defeat!

3. The fight about her friends

When it comes to her friends, it’s really just best to take a neutral stance. So whether you get into a fight about telling her that you find her friend super hot or because you were just outright rude to her friend, there’s really no escaping this one! Unless you’re willing to admit you were in the wrong!

fights boys cannot win

4. The fight about always picking your friends over her!

Well, if she’s feeling this way, there really is no point trying to argue your way out. Give her some extra love and affection and show her how much she means to you instead! It will save you one hell of an argument!

5. The fight about how you behave with friends who are girls

You don’t need to change your equation with your friends, even if they are girls. But if there is something that makes your girlfriend uncomfortable, you should take that into consideration. Instead of getting defensive and arguing about the issue, talk it out and find a middle ground.

fights boys cannot win

6. The “thanks for making all your plans without me” fight

Oops! If you’ve gotten into this one, just know that it’s a tough one to pull out of. She’s probably feeling a bit neglected at this point, so fighting about this will get you no where. Apologise, kiss and make up.

7. The fight about talking to your ex

So you spoke to your ex after ages but the conversation lasted for hours? Tch tch! This isn’t one she will let go of easily. But you wouldn’t have liked being at her end either, would you? So try your best to explain the situation instead of fighting.

fights boys cannot win

8. The flirting-on-Facebook fight

Sure, you may have just tagged an ex on something the both of you used to find funny or commented on a girl’s picture about how hot she looks. But if she really thinks you were being flirtatious, no amount of arguing on your part can change that. So please, just skip to the end and say it wasn’t intentional!

9. The “I found something on your phone” fight

You may be highly offended that she went through your phone in the first place, but her argument stands – it doesn’t compare to what she found on your phone! Bow out of this one!

fights boys cannot win

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