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Ponytail, But Make It Slick: This Kim K-Approved Style Is Gonna Be Big Once Lockdown Ends

Ponytail, But Make It Slick: This Kim K-Approved Style Is Gonna Be Big Once Lockdown Ends

Between all the pandemic madness and the absolute need to wear a mask every time we step out, we are only pulling out the big buns (the bun hairstyle, ya filthy animal). If you asked about me the last time I styled my hair, I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you. And even when I do decide to not tie my hair in a bun, I go for a hairdo that requires minimal effort, aka the ponytail.

With the right effort and products, a ponytail can look so chic. It hardly takes a minute to tie up your hair–but if you do it right, and by that we mean Kim K right, it can truly transform your overall look!

Ponytail, But Make It Slick

We know just the hairdo everyone would be sporting post-quarantine and we’re spilling the deets. We’re talking about the slick-back ponytail! Your basic ponytail got an upgrade and it’s time we gave this #CelebApproved trend a try!

Just imagine that your messy ponytail went abroad for higher studies, and came back looking all sophisticated and polished–that’s slick back ponytail for you.

Here’s how you can nail this hairdo in four simple steps!

Iron Out

Use a hair straightener to completely straighten your hair. Once your hair is poker straight, apply a hair serum all over your strands to protect it from any sort of heat damage.

Apply Styling Gel

Apply a hair gel on your hairline to make it slick, and press it back into your head. Use a hairbrush to *comb* through the gel and make it spread evenly throughout your hair.

Tie ‘Em Up

Once done, tie your hair up in a high ponytail, the higher, the better. Make sure it’s nice and tight.

We Don’t Like Baby Hair

Once your hair is tied up, use a small brush to tame your baby hair or any hair that might be sticking out. Use a styling gel or hairspray, if necessary.

Use the small brush on your hair to push back any hair or even out hair bumps. We want it to look as sleek as possible.

And honestly, you’re done!

As easy as it sounds, it definitely gets a little tricky when using a styling gel, especially if you’re a newbie! You can also try some other variations of the slick back ponytail.

Do It Like RiRi

We love how Rihanna’s hairstylist did her hair here. As opposed to the high pony, she’s flaunting a laidback slick hairdo, complete with a side parting!

Give It A Twist

After you’re done styling your hair, go one step further and do a braid, all the way to the end like Kareena!

Hailey Gets It

You don’t have to completely straighten out your hair to nail the slick back ponytail hairdo! Take cues from Mirs Bieber and curl out your hair ends to make a statement.

We don’t know about you guys but we are definitely going to try this s(l)ick hairdo over the weekend!

Image Source: Instagram/YouTube

22 Jul 2020

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