#SleepingBeauty: How To Wake Up To Flawless Skin!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 6, 2016


We all know that a good dose of beauty sleep can do wonders for our appearance! Realistically, however, with extended working hours, drinking sessions with your friends till wee hours of the morning, and early morning workouts, we’re lucky to just about get a few hours of shut-eye. We help you get the most out of those night-time hours with a few beauty steps you MUST do before turning hitting the sack. Follow these to wake up looking bright and fresh, even if you didn’t get those 8 hours of beauty sleep. Good morning, beautiful!

Wash The Day Off Your Face

Night beauty routine

This sounds super obvious, but it applies especially to those nights when you come home exhausted after a long, long day (or a crazy drinking session) and don’t even think twice before passing out on bed. Use a good, foaming cleanser to wash away all the dirt and grime off your skin to avoid clogged pores and breakouts. We love Ponds Age Cell ReGEN Facial Foam for reducing dullness and brightening up the skin. Oh, and we don’t need to tell you twice to take off all your makeup too!

Magnificent Moisturizer   

It’s true that your skin repairs and rejuvenates while you sleep, but it also gets dehydrated. So, make it a point to moisturize your face like your life depends on it, to speed up the repairing process. Plus, with the air-conditioning on full blast all summer, your skin is bound to get super dry. Use a repairing moisturizer like Pond’s Age Miracle Overnight Repair Moisturizer to promote cell renewal and collagen building, and say “hello!” to smoother, younger-looking skin in the morning!

Change Your Position

Night beauty routine

Did you know the way you sleep could cause wrinkles? Yup, sleeping on your tummy and pressing your face into your pillow can cause creases, and eventually wrinkles, since you end up lying in that position for hours every single night. Instead of squishing your face, try sleeping on your side, with the lower half of your face touching as little of the pillow as possible (laughing and smiling lead to enough fine lines in that area already!).

Load Up On H2O

Drink up (water only) before bedtime to stay hydrated all night. Remember, dry skin WILL lead to wrinkles!

Tend To Your Eyes

Night beauty routine

It’s important to invest in a good eye cream to protect the delicate areas around your eyes and prevent unattractive crow-feet. Plus, it’ll help de-puff your eyes even if you have tossed and turned all night. One trick to try is to place a cotton dipped in ice-cold water on your eyes for a few minutes in the morning to reduce puffiness and brighten up your peepers. No one will ever know you’re nursing a raging hangover!

Age Spots, Be Gone

Give your skin an energy boost with a repair serum to wake up to a fabulous glow. We love Pond’s Intensive Cell ReGEN Serum to kick-start cell regeneration and fight wrinkles and age spots. Waking up to plumper, younger-looking skin will definitely brighten up even those super-early mornings. Using a good serum will make you feel up to ten years younger.

*This is a sponsored post for Ponds Age Miracle.

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