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This Is The Best Skincare Routine For Dry Skin, Hands Down

This Is The Best Skincare Routine For Dry Skin, Hands Down

Is anyone else tired of having parched-AF skin? Sometimes it feels like no matter how much moisturiser we slather on, it doesn’t quench our skin’s thirst and give it that covetable, radiant glow. Add icy temps to the mix, and our skin gets worse. We’re talking dullness, low glow, and skin drier than the Sahara desert. It might feel rough and tight, and may even chap. But DW boo, finding the perfect skincare routine for dry skin can take your glow game from so-so to outstanding, and we’re listing it down for you.

Whether you want to give your skin a plump glow or inject hydration back into the skin – this routine will get the job done. Here’s how to unlock your dewiest skin ever. 

The Skincare Routine For Dry Skin That’s Saving Faces Everywhere

If your dry skin isn’t letting you achieve the glow-up of your dreams, we have just the thing for you. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the ultimate skincare routine for dry skin. Try this and you’re guaranteed to get a glow that even J.Lo would envy. 

Step 1: Start With A Gentle Cleanser

If you have dry skin, it’s best to opt for a hydrating cleanser that cleanses your skin without stripping off its natural oils. Steer clear of foaming cleansers as they can worsen your already dry skin. Use cream and gentle formulas instead. This will help slight off dead skin cells which when accumulated might lead to patchiness and uneven skin texture. Look out for ingredients such as ceramides, glycerine, and hyaluronic when buying a face cleanser for dry skin. You can also try a face wash that offers gentle exfoliation.


Natural Vita Rich Face Wash

This vitamin-rich face cleanser is like a little kiss for your dry, dehydrated skin. It’s chock-full of vitamin C, B3, and B5 to cleanse the while giving it a hefty dose of hydration. Thus, leaving you with the juicy-looking skin of your damn dreams. 

Step 2: Amp Up The Glow With A Toner

For an extra punch of moisture, add a hydrating toner to your skincare routine. Today’s toners are packed with powerhouse ingredients to address everything from dullness to dryness, open pores, and pigmentation. It’s best to opt for a toner with hydrating ingredients if you want to bid adieu to dryness. It’ll take your complexion from dull to dewy in a jiffy. Layer from thinnest to thickest, so the toner will go first, followed by serum and moisturiser. 

Natural Ceramide Face Toner


Meet the toner that’ll ruin all other skincare products for you. We thought that glazed donut skin was only the stuff of myths and photoshop until we tried this toner. The ceramide-infused toner strengthens the skin barrier, minimises the appearance of pores, and gives an envy-inducing glow. We like!

Step 3: Apply A Hydrating Serum

Serums are lighter in consistency as compared to moisturisers and can penetrate deeper into the skin to give it much-needed moisture. We recommend opting for antioxidant-rich serums such as vitamin C or E. Vitamin C is best if you want to boost brightness. Likewise, opt for vitamin E serum if want an extra dose of nourishment. You can also add a hyaluronic serum to your routine if you veer toward dewy skin. 

Natural Ceramide Face Serum

This face serum is legit equal to glass skin in a bottle. Boasting star ingredients such as vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and rice water – it’s like a tall glass of water for thirsty-ass skin. It hydrates the skin while leaving behind a dewy glow. 


Step 4: Apply A Light Moisturiser

No matter your skin type, moisturising your face is a non-negotiable step. Opt for a moisturiser that’s lightweight but delivers in the dew department. Ingredients such as peptides, ceramides, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid work wonders for folks with dry skin. 

Natural Ceramides Face Cream

If we compare our skin with brick walls. Then, skin cells are the bricks, and ceramides – the lipids are the mortar. Reduction in ceramides leads to a weakened skin barrier and dull skin. This ceramide-infused face cream will help you inject back the lost ceramides as well as increase collagen production to give you an envy-inducing glow. 

Step 5: SPF = BFF

We have said it a thousand times but it bears repeating, you need to wear SPF every single day. Yes, even when it’s cloudy and you’re not stepping outside. Regular sunscreen application prevents premature aging and helps keep dullness and pigmentation at bay. 


Natural Daily Sunscreen – SPF 45+

This sunscreen has viral written all over it. This is the reason why it’s almost always sold out. It not only helps in warding off harmful UVA and UVB rays but also gives a post-facial glow. It gets a 10/10 from us. 

Nighttime Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

For the p.m. lookout for formulas that work as hard as you do to give your skin the hydration it needs. We recommend applying the Natural Ceramides Face Serum Followed by Natural Age Control Night Cream. This cream toils as you snooze to give you the dewiest skin of your life. It’s jam-packed with vitamin C, bakuchiol, and hyaluronic acid to plump up your complexion while reducing signs of aging.  If you want to wake up to a complexion that has a halo of its own, you need to add this all-star night cream to your cart, stat. 

Ways To Prevent Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, it is very important to work on strengthening your skin barrier. Avoid over-exfoliating and over-washing your skin as it can strip off the natural oils. Follow a simple am and pm routine but include products with skin-loving ingredients such as ceramides, hyaluronic acids, vitamins, and peptides, to name a few. Barrier-supporting ingredients such as probiotics and niacinamide also work wonders. Prioritise ceramides and hyaluronic acid-infused serums and moisturisers as these hard-working ingredients help in injecting water back into the skin. They also give the skin a dewy and plump glow. In addition to this, squalene is also a great ingredient that helps in preventing moisture loss and restoring suppleness. Babes with extra-dry skin can benefit from oat-based products as they can soothe dryness and irritation.


Now that you know the ingredients to use, you must also know the ones you need to steer clear of. Avoid using salicylic acid and glycolic acid as they can exacerbate dryness. You can use PHAs instead as they are gentle on the skin and help with hydration. Use gentle cleansers and don’t go overboard with retinol. Plus, make sure you apply SPF every single day!


Is a toner good for dry skin?

Toners are extremely beneficial for folks with dry skin as they can curb dryness by injecting hydration back into the skin. They are like fast-track tickets to take your complexion from lackluster to luminous in a jiffy. Toners are also known to minimise the appearance of pores and treat dullness and discoloration. 

What is the best moisturiser for dry skin?

The best moisturisers for dry skin are the ones that contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, squalene, ceramides, and vitamin E. In addition to this, the formula should be non-comedogenic so it doesn’t clog your pores and leads to breakouts. It should be lightweight so it doesn’t feel greasy or too heavy on application.

How can I incorporate face oils into my beauty regimen?

As a general rule of thumb, when you’re applying skincare it’s best to go from the lightest to the heaviest formula which means you should apply your toner first, followed by a serum, then your moisturiser, and your face oil. If your face oil is thick enough to moisturise your skin, you can skip the moisturiser. When buying a face oil, make sure it’s non-comedogenic and look out for ingredients that benefit your specific skin type. 


Is vitamin C good for dry skin?

Vitamin C is the do-it-all ingredient that is making waves in the beauty world and for good reasons. Some research has shown that vitamin C improves the skin barrier function and helps in retain water in the skin which makes it beneficial for dry skin. It also helps in protecting the skin against free radical damage and reduces dark spots and pigmentation.

Try this skincare routine for dry skin and thank us when the compliments roll in!

Featured Image: Pexels

08 Dec 2022

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