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15 Skincare Essentials (Under Rs 500) Every Girl Needs!

15 Skincare Essentials (Under Rs 500) Every Girl Needs!

Ladies, loving your skin is extremely important! Given our hectic lifestyles, it’s essential that we take enough care of our skin to save it from breakouts and keep it looking fresh. Which is why we put together a list of skincare products every girl in her 20s should be obsessed with! These amazing products will help give you the soft, healthy complexion you’ve always wanted!

1. Lotus Berry Scrub Strawberry & Aloe Vera Exfoliating Face Wash Scrub

1 skincare products - lotus face wash scrub


There’s nothing better than a product that serves two purposes, right? This exfoliating face wash will not only help in getting rid of excess oil but also in removing dead skin cells. It consists of lemon extract which is an antioxidant and a natural cleanser and, orange peel extract which has anti-inflammatory properties. You should definitely use this once a week for smooth skin, ladies!

Price: Rs 101. Buy it here.


2. Khadi Rishikesh Anti Blemish Cream

2 skincare products - khadi anti blemish cream

If you’re someone who has to deal with acne and acne scars, then this anti-blemish cream should definitely have a place on your dresser. This cream helps in clarifying your skin and lightening the scars and blemishes from your face. This herbal product will give you an even complexion and make your skin look absolutely clear and radiant.


Price: Rs 175. Buy it here.

3. Habibs Skin Refreshing Serum with jojoba oil

3 skincare products - serum


If you’re dealing with oily and tired skin, you can use this serum to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It brings to your face an instant glow and makes your skin soft and smooth. It also helps in keeping your skin hydrated all day long. Find more about Jojoba Oil here

Price: Rs 225. Buy it here.


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4. Jovees Wheatgerm & Carrot Anti Tanpack

4 skincare products - anti tan pack


We’re at the peak of tanning season, girls. Tanning leads to an uneven skin tone and dullness and to get rid of that, you can use this anti-tan pack. Apply it once or twice a week and wash it off with cold water. Regularly using this pack will help in getting rid of the stubborn tan, while bringing a glow to your skin.

Price: Rs 184. Buy it here.


5. Biotique Bio Almond Soothing And Nourishing Eye Cream

5 skincare products - biotique eye cream

Tired of the pesky dark circles? This eye cream by Biotique will help sooth the skin under your eyes. It will also help in lightening the dark circles and get rid of puffiness. Apply it every day before going to bed and wake up feeling fresh and bright.


Price: Rs 179. Buy it here.

6. Body Herbals Calming, Rose Water Facial Mist

6 skincare products - face mist


To give your face that lit-from-within glow, spritz some of this mist on your face. This aromatic spray will help you feel rejuvenated and fresh. You can carry it in your bag whenever you’re out during the day for an instant skin pick-me-up or just spray it after you’re done cleansing your face.

Price: Rs 269. Buy it here.


7. Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub

7 skincare products - aroma magic body scrub

Give your skin an instant radiance with this amazing scrub. It’s made of natural exfoliators of cornflower and almond grains that help give your skin that beautiful glow. It also helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and balancing the production of oil. Use this once in a week to get smooth and clear skin.


Price: Rs 252. Buy it here.

8. Lakme Mattifying Super Sunscreen

8 skincare products - lakme sunscreen


Every girl should have a high SPF sunscreen. This sunblock by Lakme contains an SPF of 50 which will protect you from harmful UVA and UVB rays. As it has a hydrating formula, this sunscreen gets easily absorbed into your skin and leaves it with a matte texture. It feels super light on your skin and gives you an even skin tone.

Price: Rs 450. Buy it here.


9. Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal Face Pack

9 skincare products - charcoal face pack

Ladies, if you didn’t know already, charcoal based beauty products are growing in popularity these days. And why not? These products are super efficient in absorbing all the dirt and making your skin oh-so-smooth and supple. Use this bamboo charcoal face pack to get soft skin that is free from acne and blackheads. This one should definitely be in your kitty!


Price: Rs 405. Buy it here.

10. The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Balm Fruity-Flavour

10 skincare products - body shop lip balm


Girls, taking care of your lips is extremely important! Always, make sure you have a lip balm in your bag. This baby by The Body Shop will leave your pout super soft and plump. Say goodbye to dry lips for good with this amazing lip balm!

Price: Rs 275. Buy it here.


11. Oriflame Happy Skin Body Lotion

11 skincare products - oriflame body lotion

If you have dry skin, then it’s extremely important for you to moisturize daily, regardless of the weather. This moisturizer contains sesame oil which nourishes your skin and makes it soft and supple. It’s a must for all you ladies!


Price: Rs 395. Buy it here.

12. Soulflower Tea Tree Aroma Bath Salt

12 skincare products - soul flower tea tree bath salt


You must be thinking, ‘why do I need to own a bath salt?’ Well, wouldn’t you like to relax after a long day at work with a nice shower or bath? This is why you need to have a bath salt in your beauty arsenal, ladies! It helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and the essential oils nourish your body and make you feel oh-so fresh and rejuvenated!

Price: Rs 350. Buy it here.


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13. Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask

13 skincare products - plum face mask


Green tea is known as a cooling agent that helps in depuffing your tired eyes. Similarly, this face pack will rejuvenate your skin and clear all the blemishes and acne scars with regular use. Say hello to soft, glowing skin, ladies!

Price: Rs 427. Buy it here.


14. Green Leaf Natural Skin Care

14 skincare products - aloe vera skin gel

Calm your oily and tired skin with this aloe vera gel. It helps in lightening acne scars and cools down your skin. Apply it every day after you wash your face to get baby soft skin. This gel will also help in evening out your skin tone by lightening all the blemishes and dark patches.


Price: Rs 315. Buy it here.

15. Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Face Wash

15 skincare products - neutrogena face wash


For someone who has oily and acne-prone skin, this face wash by Neutrogena is all you need. It will help in controlling the production of oil and make your face clear and beautiful. Use this every day to get the perfect skin you’ve always dreamt of.

Price: Rs 474. Buy it here.


Get ready to say hello to glowing skin!

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