Transparent Skincare Is The Beauty Trend Of 2021 & Here’s Why It’s The New Cool

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Sep 28, 2021
Transparent Skincare Is The Beauty Trend Of 2021 & Here’s Why It’s The New Cool


The beauty industry has witnessed a myriad of trends. Last month, it was blue beauty, last year, it was clean beauty, and the year before that, it was green beauty. While the recovery time for most of these trends is often short-lived, transparent skincare is a trend that seems to be making a home in our skincare stash for good. Whether it’s anti-ageing or anti-acne, consumers are obsessed with skincare brands that are transparent with their products. And why won’t they be? Honesty has always been the best policy, and this time, a crowd-winner too!

The Sudden Rise


The beauty community is tired of brands hiding their complete ingredient lists, source of key ingredients, their impact, all the processes and manufacturing details the product has been through. This is where ‘transparent skincare‘ makes a well-timed entry. At a time where skincare enthusiasts are extra careful about every cream or serum that touches their skin, product transparency is the new bar. The trend of every other skincare brand switching to transparency might be overplayed, but definitely worth the hype.

Why We Love It


Transparent skincare is the new cool and for all the right reasons. Now, not only will you know exactly what you are putting on your skin, but brands lose the privilege of falsely advertising their skincare products. A serum that can visibly reduce wrinkles and fine lines? Great! Where are your anti-ageing ingredients? Every skincare product is now answerable to their brands’ claims and promises. Moreover, ingredient transparency also leads to a responsible step towards the environment. Most transparent skincare brands have also begun to use ethically sourced natural ingredients (if any).

Our Personal Favourites

There might be a plethora of transparent skincare brands out there, but there are a certain handful that just steal the show. If you want a cheat sheet to the best transparent skincare brands in the market, here’s one:

High On Skincare

Drunk Elephant is a worldwide favourite skincare brand. Its aesthetic packaging, wonderful efficacy and ingredient transparency puts the brand on the top of our favourite list.

A Homegrown Best-Seller

A new kid on the block, Minimalist is already a best-seller. Offering an affordable option for international favourites, this brand thrives on its transparent formulas.

An Organic Solution

Apart from being a transparent brand, Ilana prides itself on being a sustainable, clean, and conscious beauty brand. Along with being made from ethically sourced ingredients, their skincare products are safe, gentle, and effective.

For Your Skin To DEW List

Farmacy pledges on being transparent, zero waste, and conflict-free. They use farm-sourced ingredients to provide you with the most ethically sourced, effective skincare. Glowy skin, and environment friendly? A superhero for sure.

For The Skin Of Your Dreams

Apart from being a transparent skincare brand, Earth Rhythm is India’s first homegrown brand that works on independent clinical trials and research. You know what that means – efficient skincare FTW!

Have you found the transparent skincare brand for yourself yet?

Featured Image: Pexels