5 Dermatologists Who Give The Best Skincare Advice On Instagram, That Too For Free!

Drishti kapadiaDrishti kapadia  |  Mar 16, 2021
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Let’s be real, Instagram has changed the way we go about doing our beauty routines. From endless beauty hacks to skincare tips, it is a treasure trove of knowledge. Thanks to social media, we can also get advice from some wonderful dermatologists that we may not have had access to before.

While beauty tips and hacks can sometimes feel overwhelming, these trusty dermats are there to tell you exactly what works and what doesn’t, minus any fluff. They’ll also explain to you what to expect and shock you with their insider knowledge. So beauty buffs, these experts deserve to be followed on Instagram cause you’ll learn so much from them.

Dermatologists Who You’ve Got To Follow On The ‘Gram

Dr Anjali Mahto For Acne And Hyperpigmentation Advice

If you’ve ever dealt with an acne-shaming dermat in the past, Dr Anjali Mahto will feel like a breath of fresh air. She’s a British board-certified dermatologist who you should be following if you’re looking for honest product reviews, in-depth guides on how to deal with acne, and thorough research-led advice. The best part? Dealing with acne herself, Dr Mahto adopts a gentle, empathetic voice while doling out advice on her stories or through her posts. 

Dr Kiran Sethi For Facial Enhancement Advice

Dr Kiran is not only a Columbia University-educated aesthetic dermat but she is also the founder of Isya Derm, a dermatology practice in New Delhi. On her Instagram, you will find information on a variety of topics like how non-invasive treatments can be used to alter your features, post-COVID hair fall, and other beauty advice. 

Dr Rashmi Shetty For Pigmentation And Sun Damage Advice

Dermatologist to the stars, Dr Rashmi Shetty regularly takes to Instagram to share information with us about acne, pigmentation, and sun damage. She talks about ingredients that help tackle the aforementioned skin woes and often posts real-time pictures of her clients. She also tells us about the different in-clinic treatment options as well as skincare products you can safely use at home to deal with pigmentation.

Dr Angelo Landriscina For The Basics Of Skincare And All Things SPF

Rather than selling you a product, Dr Landriscina delves into commonly bought skincare products and tells you how to use them correctly so they give you the best results. He also busts skincare myths daily and tells us everything we need to know about sun protection factors and sunscreen. If you are someone who forgets to apply SPF every single day, follow him STAT! Seeing him on your feed will serve as a reminder that you need to apply (and reapply) suncreen.

Dr Muneeb Shah For The Skin And Scalpcare Basics

Who better to decode complicated skincare ingredient lists and buzzy products than a dermatologist? Watch him break down the actives in your favorite products, or investigate launches—all formulas are treated with seriousness and broken down for complete clarity. From how to build your basic skincare routine to whether or not you need to invest in a new beauty launch, Dr Shah gives us all the intel.

Who are your favourite skincare experts to follow on the ‘Gram?!

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