#BeautyDiaries: My War With Adult Acne...

#BeautyDiaries: My War With Adult Acne...
When I stepped into a co-ed college, men weren’t the only new thing around me. I also discovered a whole new set of games my hormones were playing with me, literally leaving marks of my losing them all over my face. Thus, walked acne into my life... across my forehead, nose and cheeks. White and visible. Actually, it felt like they were the only things visible on my face. Makeup proved ineffective, and no amount of concealing/caking could possibly cover the hills and craters acne seemed to breed and leave behind on my face. When the boy I was crushing on texted me saying I really should do something about my pimples, I knew I just had to. And hence, began my long war with acne...

I tried everything, from applying multaani mitti daily to banishing the loves of my life (read chocolate and coffee) to trying various salon treatments (that only aggravated my acne and made my skin far more sensitive than it already was). I realised acne was a tough enemy, and so when everything else failed against it - I turned to the last resort available to me, a visit to the dermatologist.

Now the doc I visited was a reputed one, who had apparently cleared many a face, and had to be queued up for. When I met him, he told me that I had super oily skin that would need at least six months to clear up. So every week I would journey up to his clinic and spend enormous sums of money (that I had to justify and bargain out of my dad) on his fees and the many, many medicines and creams he prescribed.

adult acne

And here's the thing. The treatment only made my face look far more red than before, and I also started gaining weight with all the medicine intake! By the end of five months, there wasn’t much difference either with the recurring pimples. But I wasn’t giving up so easily.

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I switched to another derma, spent more, tried harder, explained and begged more money from my daddy dearest and finally after struggling for more than a year, just got tired of it all. This was it, I was done fighting. I switched back to a simple face wash and regular parlour clean ups.

With age, my face did clear up quite decently. My hopes and wishes and bargains with the universe for naturally flawless skin went unanswered, but I guess I can live in the present skin that I have. I won’t say I won’t change it for anything - I think someone could still tempt a couple of thousand bucks from me in exchange for gorgeous skin… all those commercials selling gorgeous skin are doing that already, no?

But well, I did learn my lesson that if you mess with your hormones, they mess with you back, bad! And oh, that guy I was crushing on? Fell in love with me, despite the acne. :D

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