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Are You Even Sisters If You Haven’t Had These 8 Silly Fights With Each Other?

Are You Even Sisters If You Haven’t Had These 8 Silly Fights With Each Other?

Having a sibling is a lot of fun because you always have a partner in crime. But when that partner is a sister…things can sometimes get complicated because sisters usually share a love-hate relationship. They may be willing to die for each other but at the same time, they can hate each other’s guts! We don’t know how that’s even possible but those of us who have sisters have been there, haven’t we?

Your sister may stick by your side for the rest of your life but that doesn’t mean that you won’t pick petty fights with her. But at the same time, it’s practically impossible to stay mad at her for too long. But at the end of the day, no matter how twisted and weird your relationship is, she’ll always be your best friend. 

Now, here are some fights we’ve all had with our sisters–elder or younger.


1. That’s Mine!

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Food is always a reason to fight. Sister or not, there’s no way we’ll be willing to share our food. Be it the last slice of pizza or the bigger piece of cake, you can’t help but fight over it! And god forbid if your sister stole your food….

2. Is That My Skirt?

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You might be okay with sharing your clothes with your best friend but if your sister dares to borrow (*cough* steal *cough*) your clothes, all hell will break loose! You might be fine with sharing but you just know it when your sister is stealing your clothes and there’s no way you’re going to let that happen. 

3. Change The Channel!!!

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Be it TV or radio or music….your sister’s choice never goes hand-in-hand with yours and that’s probably why you keep fighting over the remote and sometimes over the music player in the car!

4. How Dare You Take My Lipstick?

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We’re all really possessive about our favourite lipstick or rather all of our makeup. Sharing is caring only as long as we don’t have to share our makeup products. Your sister can wear all the makeup in the world as long as she’s not ‘borrowing’ yours. Period.

Sis, I love you but don’t you DARE touch my MyGlamm lipstick!

5. Who’s The Favourite Daughter?

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Your brother may have teased you about being adopted or picked up from the bin but your sister will always let you know that she’s the parent’s pet, not you. Now, you know your parents love both of you equally but how can you let her win this battle?

6. I’m Going First


She takes toooo long in the bathroom and you always race each other and the winner gets to go first. But it still ends in a fight because she takes forever and that fight is never-ending! You’ll be fighting over who gets to use the washroom first even when you’re both 60 years old!

7. That’s My Side

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We all have that one side of the bed that we feel most comfortable in and god save your soul when you have to share the bed with your sister. We all know it’s going to end with a fight over who gets the left side and who takes the right side of the bed.

8. She Broke It

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Be it a glass or a vase….we’ve all made the mistake of breaking it at least once but the blame game never gets old. We’re sure there’s been that one odd time when she blamed you for it or snitched on you and it ended with a blame game fight!


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But at the end of the day, no matter how much you fight, your sister is practically your other half. And you know that she’ll always be there…whether you need to get over a bad breakup or share some hot goss!

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12 Jan 2021

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