7 Simple Tricks To Look Fabulous On Your Wedding Day!

Manasvi JaitlyManasvi Jaitly  |  May 5, 2016
7 Simple Tricks To Look Fabulous On Your Wedding Day!

Beauty disasters happen all the time. We girls have learnt how to move on from them. But a disaster on the wedding day?! Naah! These tricks will make sure you avoid beauty disasters on the wedding day and have your happily ever after! :)

1. Ooh, the manicures screwed!

Nothing looks worse than chipped nail polish, especially when you’ve spent a good amount of money on your manicure.

Fix it: Never get a manicure way before the wedding. A day before the wedding day is good. Keep a clear top coat and the same nail color in your emergency kit for a quick fix.

wedding day tricks

2. And the hair’s all over the place

It happens! Despite having a hair stylist it’s possible that your hair might refuse to stay in place.

Fix it: Do not wash your hair the same day as the ceremony. Shampooing and conditioning your hair could strp it off the essential oils required to put together a hairstyle. Wash it a day before with a mild cleanser.

3. Eww, I have stained teeth

You’ll have to flash those all throughout the day and night!

Fix it: Chocolate, coffee and red wine can stain your teeth. So rinse your mouth immediately after consuming any of these. Or better, just avoid them! Keep teeth whitening gums handy and scrub your teeth with salt and lemon before you start decking up.

4. I have a rash on my left cheek!

We really hope that doesn’t happen! But if it does, can we just ask you to stay calm?

Fix it: Besides taking care of your skin in the days leading up to the big day, make sure that you do not try any new beauty treatment. It’s best to stick to facials or treatments your skin has undergone before. For the rest, make-up to the rescue!

wedding day tricks

5. OMG, my face looks swollen

Anxiety, sleepless nights, endless partying and alcohol could result in undereye bags or a swollen face.

Fix it: First things first, try and get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water. Put two spoons in the freezer for a few minutes and keep them on your eyes to get rid of eye bags. Sip on green tea throughout the day to reduce the swelling.


6. My facial skin feels rough

Exfoliation is good for your skin but not too often and never too aggressively. Rough skin makes make-up application a difficult task.

Fix it: Use a mild scrub to exfoliate your skin a couple of days before the wedding day. Follow it up with a basic cleanser-toner-moisturiser routine for the rest of the days.

7. What’s with the hair color?

Everyone wants to get a new look for the wedding day but what if it turns out to be a disaster? Sample this: the colour was not what you wanted and it went 2 shades lighter after the first wash!

Fix it: Never, ever colour your hair close to the wedding day. Always leave enough days in hand to fix or recolour hair. Follow this with color protecting products so it stays just the way you like it.

wedding day tricks

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