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#ChaddiBuddies: 12 Reasons Your School Friends Are For LIFE!

Lavanya MohanLavanya Mohan  |  May 5, 2016

Your school friends are the people who have known you for a long, long time, which is precisely why they are your friends for life! They’ve seen you through ups and downs your new friends aren’t even aware of, they’ve known the real you, before you became who you are today, and they’ve helped you with all the major life decisions along the way. Here are 12 reasons why your friendship with your school buddies is going to last for life!

1. They know you best

You practically grew up with your school friends, which is why they know you better than anybody else – they’ve seen you laugh, they’ve seen you cry and they’ve been with you through heartbreaks.

school friends 1

2. You don’t have to pretend around them

Whether it’s unleashing your super weird dance moves at a club with them or lounging around in sweatpants – there is absolutely no pretence around them!

3. They’ve seen you go through way more than any other friend

Your first crush, your first failed exam, your first boyfriend, your first A+, your first breakup, and not to mention, the family drama! They have seen you through not only all your good times, but also the bad.

school friends 3

4. Your families know each other

Your families know each other to the point where they treat you like you’re siblings! You’re always welcome at home and you’re even friends with all their cousins.

5. You guys have the BEST memories

From those ridiculous prank calls to those hilarious “dares” to your first “road trip” (which was 20 kilometres away from where you lived) and getting sent to the principal’s office for behaving badly – there is just so much nostalgia there!

school friends 5

6. ….And the best gossip!

Seriously, there is nothing in life you guys haven’t talked about, and no one you haven’t “discussed”! Gossip time is sacred bonding time.

7. You’ve still saved notes from school

You’ve still got little physical reminders of the amazing time you had in school – from those tiny notes you passed in class to the long mushy “senti” note that you wrote to each other, going on about how you’d miss each other SO MUCH, when school got over (and ended up meeting the next day).

school friends 7

8. They’re the easiest to stay in touch with

Even if you guys haven’t met in three or four or even five years, the moment you guys get together, it’s like nothing ever changed!

9. They know all your embarrassing stories and habits

Your eyebrows from before you discovered threading, to your “I’ll wear only black” phase, to your obsession with peel-off tattoos, to your never-ending love affair with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – they possess knowledge that you could potentially alter your life if they chose to reveal it!

school friends 9

10. You guys have had some pretty crazy fights

You might laugh about it today, but remember the time when the two of you liked the same guy? That was INTENSE!

11. But you’ve managed to stay together despite it all

Because, sisters before misters!

12. You have plans for future milestones

Whether it’s for each other’s big promotion, engagement, wedding, master’s graduation or babies – you know they’ll be there!

school friends 12

Images: Tumblr, Giphy

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