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Crushin’ On Your BFF?! 15 Signs He Might Be Your Soulmate!

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  May 5, 2016
Crushin’ On Your BFF?! 15 Signs He Might Be Your Soulmate!


Okay, we will admit Kuch Kuch Hota Hai planted this idea in many of our heads (yes, we blame you, KJo), and it’s truly one that often plays on our minds – if we’re already feeling just a bit MORE than friendly towards our besties! Is it possible that your best bud is actually your soulmate? Well, here are a few signs to carefully monitor!

1. He knows you better than anyone else in this whole, wide world.

Like, he truly gets you.

guy best friend

2. Even if you guys have fought, it doesn’t last too long.

There is an inherent need to just let things go and start talking again.

3. Not that the thought of talking to him about “more than friends” feelings hasn’t crossed your mind…

But let us guess – you don’t want to ruin the friendship?

guy best friend

4. You two can talk about literally everything under the sun!

From clothes to cars – you both are pretty versatile like that.

5. He’s perennially your last dialled number.

It’s the same on his call log too.

guy best friend

6. He can annoy you like a little brother but guide you like a responsible parent.

Yup, you do adore that about him.

7. You guys haven’t really been crushing on other people lately!

He’s been on your mind instead. And you think he’s not been discussing other girls because there haven’t been any…

guy best friend

8. Your parents are so comfortable with his presence in your life.

On any night out, you need to confirm that he is, in fact, going to drop you back home.

9. People ALWAYS assume you guys are dating.

If you think about it objectively, you can understand why they think so.

guy best friend

10. The thought of not being around him in the future pains you.

Because you and him are a team, and that’s that!

11. All your girlfriends ask you why exactly you aren’t with him.

You are tired of explaining you two are best friends.

guy best friend

12. Every time you go drinking, it’s a given that you will drunk text him.

Yeah, he doesn’t even get surprised.

13. You two have said some indirect “relationshippy” things to each other.

But you always assumed he’s kidding anyway.

guy best friend

14. You guys DO have sexual chemistry…

Not that you’ve done anything about it. 😛

15. You actually believe you guys would be awesome together, but…

You’re waiting for a sign? How about considering this post as one? 😉

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