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#SoulSisters: 9 Signs Your Bestie Is Turning Into Family!

Somya AbrolSomya Abrol  |  May 5, 2016


She’s the first person you call when life gives you lemons, and she’s definitely the first person to drop in on you making lemonade out of those lemons, with an obvious, “Akele akele?!”. God’s gracious gift for you being a good kid, the sibling you never asked for (but boy are you glad about her existence!), your right arm (and leg) and your obvious partner-in-crime for anything that pops up in your mighty mind at 2 a.m. – your bestie is pretty much your life, to the point where lines between “friendship” and “family” start to blur. If you already have someone in mind as you read this, here are some signs to help you figure out if indeed your BFF is turning into your family. 🙂

1. You look forward to spending time with them every day

…Or every other day. Your week is kinda incomplete unless you’ve had AT LEAST four gossip sessions with her, and know exactly what she’s talking about when she uses “politically correct language” on social media. “Ooooh, you look so pretty. Such a lovely dress!” (Haha, right!). Besides, who else would you bitch about your boss or “that mean girl from class” with?

Bestie 1

2. You spend each other’s money like it’s your own

“Get me a brownie on the way home, please!” or “Oye, pay the momo waala bhaiyya” are sentences that are uttered out of your mouth without so much as a thought. Remember that 2K you “borrowed” from her last month for that pretty dress you just couldn’t NOT buy? You don’t?! Never mind. She doesn’t either! 😛

3. Your wardrobes are a mix of each other’s clothes and jewellery

Those golden hoops – Yours? Hers?

The T-shirt you sleep in – Yours? Hers?

If you have problems tracing a particular item in your wardrobe back to where and when you bought it, it most probably isn’t yours. Now, we’re not saying she might want it back – but you might want to return the dress she’s been asking for! Claiming your right over her things is part and parcel of being as close-knit as you two are!

Bestie 3

4. She’s friends with your cousins, and not just on Facebook

And together they embarrass you at public places by referring to you by your bachpan ka nickname – Golu, Chottu, Mithu, etc., etc.!

5. You discuss your family problems with her

Not only does she know your list of mamas and maasis and buas, she’s the one who gets updates about the family drama too! And not just extended family – she’s the first person you call after having that unnecessary fight with your mom too!

Bestie 5

6. You guys fight and get back to normal in all of 11 minutes

Fight about the “slight” difference of opinion, get mad, stay mad for 2 minutes and 47 seconds, go back to talking about what “he” said last night. Nothing ever happened. Totally normal!

7. You can’t even fathom going drinking without her

How can you possibly go drinking without her?! Who will your wingwoman be? Okay, forget wingwoman. Who would listen to your emotional rant (among other things) after the fourth round of shots?! Just. Not. Happening.

Bestie 7

8. Your mother sets a portion aside of the “something special” she made for her

Chane bhature? Dhokla? Chocolate cake? Anything that takes more than 45 minutes in the making by your mother HAS to have a portion assigned to your bestie beforehand. Now, THAT is love.

9. Above all, it makes you proud to see her succeed in life

The new job she scored or that big promotion or finally getting engaged to the love of her life – it makes you nothing but wholeheartedly proud to see her do better every day. Hey, that’s what family does – cheer for you as you climb those stairs!

Bestie 9

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