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10 Signs You & Your Bestie Are *Exactly* Like Monica & Rachel!

10 Signs You & Your Bestie Are *Exactly* Like Monica & Rachel!

Having a best friend is like having a solution to all of life’s problems right by your side. You have someone to laugh with, a shoulder to cry on and most importantly, a person to be weird with all the time. The TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S taught us many things but most importantly it taught us how to stay with someone through thick and thin. Monica and Rachel sure gave us some serious friendship goals and we all would love a friendship that is just like theirs. Here are 10 signs that prove you too like Rachel and Monica, will be friends forever!

1. You get jealous when she hangs out with someone else way too much

Remember how Rachel got super jealous when Monica started hanging out with Julie a lot? You’re a tad possessive about your best friend and if she starts getting too pally with someone else, you get a little jealous. You won’t feel so for any other random friend, would you?

2. You actually understand each other’s quirks

Friendship is all about accepting and loving each other…all quirks included. No matter how annoying your best friend gets, you love her regardless. Just like Monica who loved Rachel inspite of the fact that she always misplaced her earrings, and Rachel who loved her even though she thought that Monica was a cleanliness freak!

2 friends forever

3. You’re there for each other through all good and bad things in life

Rachel and Monica have been there with each other through it all. The breakups, makeups, weddings and babies. There is nothing more adorable and comforting than staying with each other through various transitions in life.

4. You have epic fights with each other

Relationships are absolutely incomplete without fights. If you guys bicker like an old married couple from time to time, then you are probably doing it right. But just like Monica and Rachel you get over it, like nothing happened.

4 friends forever

5. If you can’t lie to each other

When Monica started meeting Julie without letting Rachel know, she felt really guilty. If you really love someone especially your best friend, you will never be able to lie to them. That’s the beauty of relationships!

6. You don’t really need anyone else to have fun

What puts a friendship to test better than an empty dance floor? If you and your friend don’t need anyone else to light up a dull party then, we are sure you are meant to be. In fact, you tend to get bored when she is not around, even if you are surrounded by a lot of other people. Just like how Monica and Rachel danced at their graduation party in the flashback episode? Yes! Just like that.

6 friends forever

7. You two always help each other face the reality

Remember how Monica made sure Rachel learnt to live without depending on her father’s credit card? Your best friend acts like your mentor and walks with you through the good and the bad. Friends always push you to get the best out of you and if she does that a lot, then she is definitely ‘the one’!

8. She is always your go-to person and vice versa!

Monica and Rachel were each other’s go-to person… Be it a break ups, boyfriend issues or the fact that one of them was having a blah day! You know that there is nobody else in this world who will be able to solve your problems like your bestie can. From helping you get out of a boring date to being the shoulder for you to cry on, she is there with you through it all. In fact, you would actually go to her when absolutely nothing is wrong, just to get a some extra love.

8 friends forever

9. The thought of not seeing each other regularly, terrifies you

When Rachel moves out because Monica and Chandler decide to live in together and also when she decides to move to Paris, Monica is heartbroken! You too, are so used to meeting her almost everyday to gossip or just to be around her, that the thought of not seeing her even for a few days makes you misty-eyed. You just don’t know what you’ll do without her because you just can’t imagine your life without her.

10. You just do the silliest of things to cheer her up

Remember how Monica and Phoebe sat down in wedding dresses along with Rachel to cheer her up when she was going through a relationship crisis? Sure, it was not the best thing to do, but it actually put her in a good mood. That’s is what best friends are for. She will guide you, help you, scold you but will never miss a chance of being silly if it cheers you up.

10 friends forever

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28 Apr 2017

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