Is He Afraid Of Commitment? 7 Signs He Might Be…

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016
Is He Afraid Of Commitment? 7 Signs He Might Be…


Many of us have been or might be in relationships where we feel like our partners are not giving enough or is holding back. If you’re not particularly keen on taking things forward, that’s fine. But do you feel like you want more, but aren’t really getting that out of this relationship? He may be completely faithful and honest, but does he always seem to have one foot out of the door, while you’ve jumped into this wholeheartedly? Here are a few signs you might be dating someone who is afraid of commitment…

1. He freaks out every time anyone talks about the future

Yours and his future, of course. While neither of you may have decided what you actually want in the future from this relationship, his reaction is slightly more extreme than it ought to be. Whether it is you talking about a plan few months down the line or someone else mentioning how you two ought to be together forever, he is – without exaggeration – ready to run in the opposite direction. Freaking-out alert!

afraid of commitment

2. You have never really met his friends or family

He may have hung out with your friends on several occasions, but when it comes to making plans with his friends, there always seems to be an excuse. You may have bumped into them here and there and he introduced you as his “friend”, but there has never really been an actual interaction.

3. He doesn’t want to “define” the relationship

“What’s in a name?” is probably the kind of reaction you get from him when you ask how he would actually term this relationship. You may have been together for a while and you may be doing all that “relationship” stuff, but he still doesn’t call you his girlfriend.

afraid of commitment

4. He’s afraid to make commitments even for next week!

Yup, he won’t even confirm that he can indeed hang out with you if you’re planning for a week off from work. He never really initiates plans, but when he does, it’s almost always last-minute plans!

5. He seems emotionally distant and cut-off

He never wants to talk about why he’s upset, or how he feels about anything at all. Even as far as you’re concerned, you sense him getting uncomfortable when you begin to show him your emotions. He’s distant – and it seems like he prefers it this way.

afraid of commitment

6. He never actually tells you how he feels about you

Even if he actually does have feelings for you, he just won’t admit it or say it out loud. Even to you. He has a hard time telling you how he feels and hesitates no end if he does by chance tell you that he loves you!

7. He makes promises, but never really follows up

One too many time he’s made promises, but has failed to deliver. Whether it was about making you meet his friends, going out for dinner or movie, or just hanging out. He says he’s going to make an effort, but you don’t really see a change.

afraid of commitment

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