15 Signs You Are The *Best Wife* In The World!

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  Mar 5, 2017
15 Signs You Are The *Best Wife* In The World!


You may have an amazing husband, but he sure does have a kickass wife! Here are 15 things that totally indicate that you’re the best wife ever. Don’t forget to share this with him to make sure he knows it too. *Wink*

1. He’s Your Numero Uno

Hubby dearest definitely tops the list of most important people in your life and you always prioritize him, no matter how crazy life gets!

1. best wife ever

2. But You Also Give Him Space

He may be top priority for you, but that doesn’t mean you smother him all the time. The both of you have your individual lives too, which proves your relationship is healthy!

3. You Don’t Get Jealous Of His Female Friends

Honey, he married you and you’re awesome! He knows it and so do you. You totally don’t feel the need for pointless jealousy.

4. You Get Excited About His Success

No matter how small or big the accomplishment, you can’t help but be overexcited and so proud of bae!

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5. You Watch His Fave Movies/Shows… Repeatedly!

Even if you’ve seen Terminator 3 a hundred times before (thanks to him), if it’s coming on TV you’ll watch it again, just ‘coz he loves it.

6. You’ve Mastered Making His Favourite Meal

Okay, you know exactly what to order for him when you surprise him with take-out. Don’t worry, that counts too!

7. His Birthday Is Always A Grand Affair

You know exactly how to make him feel special every single year. After all, you love celebrating HIM!

7. best wife ever

8.  You’re The Best Nurse When He’s Sick

Even if he’s just down with the sniffles!

9. You Make An Effort With His Family

You respect them and treat them as your own.

10. You Know Exactly How To Drive Him Wild… In Bed!

You sex goddess, you!

10. best wife ever

11. His Annoying Habits Are Actually Endearing To You

He may be really bad but his super LOUD singing in the shower is so adorable!

12. You Always Get Him The Most Thoughtful Gifts

Whether it’s a couple’s massage because he’s been so wound up at work or a first edition of his favourite comic… You somehow know the best pick-me-up for him!

13. He Can Depend On You

He knows he’s got his Super Wife by his side through thick and thin.

13. best wife ever

14. You Believe In Him

Even when he doesn’t believe in himself. You’re his personal cheerleader, always motivating him and helping him be a better man.

15. You Give Your Marriage Your All

You try to make it work, no matter what! And he truly loves you and appreciates you for that.

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