9 Signs Your Relationship is “Just Right”!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016


The dating game can be a tricky one, especially when it’s early in the relationship. And even when things seem to be going well, you may sometimes wonder whether what you have is good or not! Well, if you’re seeing most of these signs, then trust us you’ve got it better than the most of us – so hang on to it! 🙂

1. What you have is GOOD, and you don’t need more (yet!)

Hmm, he’s your beau, but you aren’t calling him your boyfriend just yet. You can imagine yourself being together, but you don’t feel the urge to have the “Where’s this headed?” conversation every now and then. Where you are feels just right!

2. He’s nailed those sweet little gestures

From making sure you don’t step in a puddle and splash your new shoes, to showing up unannounced with cake and flowers when you’re feeling unwell, to staying up all night and helping you prep for a big interview! Sigh…

dating game

3. You’ve figured out what to share and what not to!

You’re dying to tell him the latest gossip about a common friend or the latest bubbling in office politics, but you choose not to, because you’ve figured out that while he’d listen politely, he isn’t really interested! And that’s okay with you, ‘cause that’s what your besties are for!

4. Your phones aren’t buzzing ALL day!

You talk and text often, but it never feels like too much! He doesn’t call you repeatedly, nor do you! And no one freaks out if the other person doesn’t reply to a text for a few hours. It’s early in the relationship, but there’s already trust!

dating game

5. There’s both “me time” and “we time”…

While you may both be totally smitten with each other, you still regularly make plans with friends that don’t involve the other person, and that almost seems to make your relationship even more fun! After all, it’s always nice to have a little bit of mystery…

6. You know how to woo each other (and are pretty damn good at it!)

He knows the one thing that will always make you go weak in the knees. Whether it’s cooking for you, surprising you with a gift, or a move you simply can’t resist! 😉 And you’ve got his weakness figured out too, from a sensual massage to that particular scent of perfume that he finds irresistible.

dating game

7. There’s simply no baggage

You may have both had previous relationships, but it’s not something that ever comes up. Whether or not you’ve discussed the exes, you just don’t feel the urge to stalk them on social media!

8. It feels like you’re a team!

If something were to go wrong, you know he’s got your back, and you have his. He may not the first person you call in an emergency, but you know that if you did, he’d most likely drop everything and be there for you!

dating game

9. You’re okay with going with the flow, because you both know that you’ve thought about the other person

Whether it’s a spontaneous dinner with colleagues, or a random evening when you’re going to watch movies at home with his friends, you’re never worried, never stressed. You know he’s thought about whether you’re going to be comfortable and have fun, and he knows you do the same for him. You go, guys!


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