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#BFF: 13 Signs That Your Friendship Is Forever (And EVER)!

#BFF: 13 Signs That Your Friendship Is Forever (And EVER)!

As time passes, things change and people change. Friends come and friends go, but best friends stay, always! So, how do you decide which one is the forever kind of friendship; are you and that friend you love so much Best Friends Forever or Best Friends For Now? If you can tick the following signs off, stay rest assured that you two are all set for life!


1. You’re Only Yourself With Her

If anyone knows the “real” you, with all your flaws and imperfections, it’s her. She’s the person with whom you’re comfortable being yourself – ALWAYS

friendship forever 1

2. You Wouldn’t Hesitate Before Telling Her If She’s Wrong

friendship forever 2

You would much rather be completely honest and open with each other than cover stuff up, because THAT might lead to a fight.

3. You Can Talk To Her For Hours And Not Get Bored

friendship forever 3

From dissecting fashion blogs to shopping online together – you need to hear her voice and opinions.

4. At The Same Time, You Can Share Comfortable Silences With Her

friendship forever 4

Just each other’s presence is good enough for the two of you to communicate everything that you ever needed to say.

5. She’s Present For All Your Life’s Milestones

friendship forever 5

From your first break-up to your first real job to organizing your bachelorette – she’s ALWAYS been a part of it!

6. You’re Genuinely Happy For Each Other

friendship forever 6

She might just find love before you do, or you might get that promotion before her, but there is never any jealousy. You’re only happy that your friend found success.

7. She Knows Not Just You, But Your Entire Family

friendship foever 7

She actually doesn’t need you to be home for her to visit. She’s perfectly happy hanging out with your parents/sibling/dog/aunt/grandmother/cousins.

8. All Your Favourite Memories Feature Her

friendship foever 8

Not to mention, she’s a permanent feature in your phone’s photo folder too!

9. She Gives You The Best Advice

friendship foever 9

From whether you need to give that cute boy a call to whether you should splurge on that handbag – she gives you advice keeping your best interests in mind.

10. …And She Loves You Even When You Don’t Listen To Her

friendship foever 10

She will comfort you and be your rock even when you did exactly what she told you NOT to do (right after she tells you that she told you so!).

11. It Doesn’t Matter If You Haven’t Been In Touch

friendship forever 11

Even if you haven’t spoken to her for months, the moment you meet her, you can pick up exactly where you two left off, and it’s like time never passed!

12. She Makes You A Priority

frienship forever 12

Boyfriend, job, marriage, kids, whatever is happening in her life – she’s there for you when you need her.

13. You Two Know How To Forgive, Forget And Move On

friendship forver 13

Sometimes your fights can get ugly, but irrespective of what has been said, you value your own friendship over the drama!

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06 May 2016

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