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Red Alert: 9 Signs It’s Time to Run to Your Dermatologist

From scars to pesky zits, all of us have faced some skin issue or the other at some point of time in our lives. Most of us try and deal with these problems with home remedies, or with over the counter products. But there are times when it’s best for you to seek professional help. We tell you when you should stop playing doctor and make an appointment with your dermatologist!


Chronic Acne

Signs It Is Time To run to the dermat

If stubborn breakouts are driving you crazy, and you have tried everything from downing all types of veggies blended together to applying topical ointments, it is probably time you paid a visit to your dermat. Cystic acne and zits that keep coming back definitely require expert attention.

Embarrassing Scars

Signs It Is Time To run to the dermat

Acne scars, burn marks, or scars left behind by stitches and other injuries can be the cause for a lot of unwanted headache. A dermat can help treat them and lighten them, or even make them fade completely to help you get closer to flawless skin.

Rashes That Won’t Budge

Signs It Is Time To run to the dermat 4

If you’ve noticed redness, or broken into a rash, or feel itchy in a particular area and it hasn’t gone away even after a couple days, sitting at home should be the last thing you do. Go get it checked so you can be sure it’s nothing serious. Also, a dermat will help you find products that won’t cause your skin to break out into rashes and allergies.

Skin Conditions

Signs It Is Time To run to the dermat

It’s best to always consult a dermatologist on how to treat dandruff and care for your skin if it is very sensitive, too oily, or too dry. Also, if you suffer from skin conditions like Eczema, which is characterized by chronic flaky, itchy and inflamed skin, or Psoriasis – red, scaly patches, you definitely require medical attention. 

Cold Sores

Signs It Is Time To run to the dermat 2

Cold sores are patches of redness or a cluster of blisters that turn into scabs, generally found near the mouth area. They are caused by the herpes simplex virus and are way more common than you imagined. Do yourself a favour and go get them treated asap.

Suspicious Spots

Signs It Is Time To run to the dermat

If you’ve suddenly noticed a freckle, mole, or spot that wasn’t always there and seems to be growing in size or changing in colour, show it to your doc immediately. It could be nothing or it could be something slightly serious – don’t panic, they are easy to treat in the early stages. The bottom line is, show it to your dermatologist to be on the safe side.

Hair Loss

Signs It Is Time To run to the dermat

It’s normal to shed about 50-100 strands of hair a day, but if you feel like you’re losing an excessive amount, it may be time you book an appointment with a professional. Too much hair loss could be caused by hormonal imbalances and scalp issues so don’t ignore visiting a doctor. Here’s where we tell you when you need to start worrying about hair fall.

Cosmetic Treatments

Signs It Is Time To run to the dermat

A dermat can help you with possible options if you’re uncomfortable with your appearance, from wrinkle fillers to laser skin treatments and hair removal to even liposuction, but you should really think it through first. Other than getting help with marks, you can also visit your dermat to treat pigmentation and spider veins, as well as treat your blackheads and breakouts.

Expert Help

Signs It Is Time To run to the dermat

Even if you have no serious skin issues, you should still visit a dermatologist at some point for some general information on taking care of your skin type, nails and hair. From sun protection to diet advice to look your best, they can really help you look after yourself and your appearance.


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06 May 2016

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