7 Shows You Need to Binge Watch In 2018

Phalasha NagpalPhalasha Nagpal  |  Feb 2, 2018
7 Shows You Need to Binge Watch In 2018


2018 is here and while January may have been all about new year resolutions and the ‘new year, new me’ motto (or we like to think so), we all know that some things never change. One of these things happen to be our love for binge-watching web/television series. Whether it is after a long day at work, a cosy Sunday in bed or just some free hours at hand, we all gravitate to these shows. And to make your already awesome year a little better, we’ve shortlisted a few shows (the best ones in our opinion, of course), to save you the long hours of searching that can be otherwise invested in watching these shows!

1. The End of the F**cking World

Full of comedy, drama and a lot of darkness, this Netflix series is about two teenagers who take a risk and escape their troubled lives, embarking on their very own personal adventure. Complete strangers to start with, they develop an intriguing relationship as the story unfolds.

Watch it if you enjoy: No-nonsense turn off your brain go with the flow kinda shows.


2. Grow-ish

Watch Johnson’s eldest daughter getting acquainted with the realities of adulthood as she goes off to college, and reality is far more overwhelming and unpredictable than anything she’d imagined. Basically, it explores what growing up is really like.

Watch it if you enjoy: The show Black-ish, since this one is a spin-off of the same and if humour is your cup of tea.

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3. The Bachelor

Binge watch season 22 of this hit romance-drama reality series where Arie Luyendyk Jr. is all set to find love in America after a painful heartbreak in the past. After all, every person deserves another chance at finding love.

Watch it if you enjoy: Reality drama, with all its masala and dhamaka-ness!

4. Electric Dreams

A series with 10 stand-alone episodes, showcasing the works of Philip K. Dick, takes you through a journey of space tourism to mutant telepaths, leaving you feeling super exhilarated.

Watch it if you enjoy: Sci-fi stuff, you know the likes of Stranger Things, Black Mirror and Sense8!

5. Divorce, Season 2

The dark comedy is based on the couple’s heartbreaking separation and how they struggle to rebuild their lives thereafter. While this means that Frances can now set foot into the dating world again, Robert is all pumped to focus on himself and give himself a new avatar.

Watch it if you enjoy: The first season of Divorce of-course and you just can’t get enough of Sara Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church.

6. Altered Carbon

Set in the future, where consciousness is digitised and stored, death is a thing of the past and human memories are downloadable. The crime investigation of an untimely death is the core premise of this show, enthralling the viewer with its insanely magnificent visuals, loads of action and a dash of humour.

Watch it if you enjoy: Watching cyberpunk TV shows set in a time far into the future.

7. One Day at A Time, Season 2

This sitcom centres around the lives of an immigrant Cuban-American family and what transpires as they try to find themselves in this new town. The parallels between the events in the reel and the real-world scenario makes it all the more exciting and entertaining to watch.

Watch it if you enjoy: Season 1 of the show plus if you’re a fan of heart-touching stories with some light-hearted elements to it!