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8 TV Shows You Need To Watch Before 2017 Ends

8 TV Shows You Need To Watch Before 2017 Ends

2017 has been a year of too many marvellous shows catching the limelight, making it incredibly difficult for us to pick and choose the best ones from the lot. We’ve made a list of shows that make the cut to our must watch list before the year ends. And in case you’re wondering about the criteria, well, it’s entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment.

1. Stranger Things 2

Set in Hawkins, Indiana and laced with 1980’s references, this remake is full of eerie creatures, green gunk and a lot of mystery surrounding it all. As the story unfolds, one tends to develop a relationship with the on-screen characters and how they face, fight and overcome their fears. A super enjoyable show, you can binge watch it with bae on a dark winter night, because a little cuddling will definitely be needed.

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2. Handmaid’s Tale

Margaret Atwood’s tale of an absolute patriarchal society wherein the few fertile women left in society are compelled to become slaves and women are bereft of all their rights. While the show has a very disturbing and heart-breaking side to it, Elizabeth Mose’s portrayal of the feminist icon is just stupendous, making it worth the watch.

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3. Taboo

The British historical drama set in 19th century London is a dark tale. Tom Hardy who plays an adventurer, who is presumed dead for years, only to return with 14 precious diamonds and threatening to wage a war against the East India Company. If an overdose of drama and adventure is your cup of tea, then this show is the one for you!

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4. This Is Us

This family drama with its dense characters, their intertwined lives and lots of unexpected twists will take you on a roller coaster of emotions as you binge, set, watch. This series will leave you wanting more, and by that we mean, do not miss it!

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5. Mindhunter

A character-driven thriller, this show is all about how two FBI agents investigate heinous criminal cases and murderers. Instead of the cliché case solving, this show focuses on the psychology that drives these people to commit such crimes. The real criminal cases, is what makes the series exponentially more exciting.

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6. The White Princess

Based on Philippa Gregory’s book, the story is set in 15th century and captures the English political drama and fight for the crown. It centres around the Elizabeth of York, the White Queen's daughter, and how she is compelled to marry to the Lancaster victor, Henry VII and what follows after.

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7. Alias Grace

Based on the notorious murders of 1843 in 19th century Canada, this is based on the true story of Grace Marks, the housemaid and perhaps the wrongly convicted murderess who is sentenced to life imprisonment. While Grace has no memory of her past, a decade later, a doctor attempts to help her by making her recall the past.

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8. One Day At A Time

A throwback to the classic sitcoms era, this 13 episode Netflix show is about a newly separated Army Nursing Corps veteran and her two children. This is the sort of series that makes you appreciate the subtleties and the comforts of our own lives.

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Happy binge watching ladies!


Published on Nov 19, 2017
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