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10 Short Poems For Every Romantic Soul!

10 Short Poems For Every Romantic Soul!

There is nothing better than expressing your emotions through the written word, and poetry has always been one of best ways to do that. Love, like all other drugs, leaves you a little groggy and poetry enhances its effects. If it’s beautifully written, it can make your soul dance and your eyes twinkle. To do all that and more, here are 10 short poems that will sweep you off your feet, especially if you’re feeling a little romantic. Maybe send one of them to your boyfriend to let him know the real depth of your feelings!

1. Rumi

Well, Rumi was a Persian poet whose work is known across the world and is one of the most quoted ones on social media. The poet writes philosophical verses that have been widely translated in almost all major languages. Rumi’s poetry is for everyone- whether you like reading or not. These are life lessons in the choicest of words!

2. Nayyirah Waheed

A contemporary poet and has written two books, Nayyairah writes about subjects that touch the heart. Her poetry is abstract and doesn’t have one singular subject but we’re sure you’ll hit like for almost every one of her poems when you read them.

3. Atticus

Atticus is a contemporary poet who also writes short poems on wide-ranging topics. He’s written books about love and is a popular Instagram figure. You can also purchase his first book of short poems and epigrams titled Love Her Wild.


4. Nikita Gill

Author of Wild Embers and Your Soul Is A River, the poet has written verses that will make you cry and smile at the same time! The poet writes on different topics and will definitely stir your emotions.

5. Khalil Gibran

There’s something about exploring poets who’ve written in different languages. Translations of their work have been read and appreciated even after decades. Khalil Gibran was a Lebanese writer and poet who’s loved for his work on love!

6. Frida Kahlo

The famous painter known for her self portraits, edgy sense of style has admirers across countries. Frida continues to be a huge source of inspiration for many out there and her verses will definitely get under your skin.

7. Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur has been a huge rage ever since she released her books The Sun And Her Flowers and Honey And Milk. An Instagram sensation, if you liked this little snippet, chances are you will love all of her work. Minimal, fuss-free and simple lines that touch the heart. And oh, did we just forget to tell you she’s an Indian and writes constantly about her motherland.


8. Sarah Kay

If you thought love was easy, wait till you read what Sarah Kay has to say. She makes you believe in the power of the written word – which will transform the way you perceive ordinary, everyday things.

9. Gareth Egan

Love, sex and all things erotic – Gareth Egan stirs up your emotions every time you read something he’s written. Along with the prose, you also get to see minimalist drawings that depict what’s on his mind.

10. Haiku Jam

Well, by now, if you’ve liked this list, here’s something you can also join in. HaikuJam is a crowd-sourced poetry app where three people write poetry together on a given topic. Well, aren’t you downloading it right away?

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07 Feb 2018

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